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I am – Danielle Lloyd Bikini Pictures of the Day


I am getting bored of posting bikini pictures. I am thinking because they aren’t that inspiring and all I can really say is shit like “look at those tits” or “check out that ass” and it’s boring. You’d think that lookin’ at pictures of a slut half naked would get me all pumped to write some story about a bitch I once fucked who liked wearing bikinis or some other random shit, but I think I’ve said all I can say for the week about bikinis. I am more into seeing the slut first hand and watching her move in real life is a little more my thing. Pictures are boring and the equivalent of saying you’re rather check out pictures of a girl posing naked than actually being in the room with her posing naked. Regardless, I am compelled to throw these up because it is what I do and I know that’s why you come to the site and I am really all about pleasing you. I actually don’t really give a fuck about you or what you think but I figured it’s nicer to pretend that I do.

I went to the pool on Monday where the strippers hang out all day and I should be there today but I am convinced the heat is going to kill me. They always warn the weak and old to stay in on days like today and I figure that I am a bit of both and that since I don’t want to die I’ll just stick to my computer. When I was there all the girls seemed to think they were Paris/Lohan/celebrities as they sipped their cocktails in bikinis and I realized that if you venture out of your house, you don’t need sites like mine. I rely heavily on you being a reclusive asshole and I guess I should thank you for that.

It’s also nice to see that a bitch is so self sufficient that she can be out in her bikini at least 10 times this last month, rubbing it in all our faces that we suck at life.

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