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Michelle Jenneke is Going to Rio of the Day

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I forgot about Michelle Jenneke, I mean hurdling is not really in my day to day thought process – and a girl who had a cute dance in her warm up before doing some hurdles back in 2012 – isn’t quite enough visibility for me to really give a fuck, and even now, when we are knee deep in Rio, I don’t give a fuck, but she’s been posting slutty Australian uniform selfies, and that’s the line of work I’m in…I am a believer in all things slutty – especially when it is topical….even if this athlete isn’t as hot as she looked in that warm up video, she’s still fit as fuck and accomplished which is more than we can say for all the other whores I actually follow on this social media bullshit…

I guess what I’m saying is – this is what puts me in more of they Olympic spirit – when Female Rugby has made the Olympics un-jerk-off-able…

9 days! #Rio2016

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Michelle Jenneke Does Worldstar of the Day

Michelle Jenneke is a bit of a monster, but black people don’t care about that, they just like that she has sturdy hurdler legs and athleticism that looks like she can take a beating in the bedroom, and by sturdy legs and athleticism to take a beating in the bedroom, I mean she’s white..they like that she’s white…

Not that the Worldstar audience is black, like all things mainstream hip hop, suburban white kids are all about that shit…it keeps them hood…like chains, drug dealing, and rapping in the mall parking lot…turning their white accent to something more hood…you know to keep shit urban…

But more importantly, they took a monster, shot her to look good, and this is the hottest you’ll ever see Michelle Jenneke, because lets face it, what else is there for her to really do with her career, she’s a fucking hurdler…

Here are pics of her to remind you that she’s a monster…she had one viral hit…and now she’s just proving if you’re not fat, and oiled up in the pool you look good…

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Michelle Jenneke Bikini Pics of the Day

A few years ago, there was a track meet warm up video that went viral of an Australian hurdler named Michelle Jenneke…who with her biggest smile and some slow motion – became household…she looked hot and even I loved the video and I hate everything….and everyone…it’s kinda the only thing I do like…

Well, after that video, people realized that without the smile, and the slow motion, she was just a fucking ogre of a woman…not nearly as hot as you’d think…all big and scary…and today…she’s in a bikini and from this angle, she’s hardly the monster I thought she was…

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Michelle Jenneke Shitty Bikini Pics of the Day

Michelle Jenneke was the rugged hurdler everyone fell in love with thanks to her cute, smiling warm up video, without googling to see the monster she is without that cute, smiling warm up dance….but lucky for you, two years and an SI Spread later, she’s put herself in a bikini, only to take a few selfies for the fans, and it really isn’t not quite bikini model enough for me, but a lot too strong and big….

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Michelle Jenneke for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit of the Day

Her name is Michelle Jenneke….and you definitely remember her video….

As far as I’m concerned, she is no bikini model, and she looked better in that video…probably cuz she had a big old smile on her face and just looked like a good time…but as far as my life philosophy goes…I will look at any girl in a bikini…whether she’s a youtube sensation or not….because I am a pervert.

To See All the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Content – And THere is Lots of It

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