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Mya Thickness in a Bikini of the Day

Yes MYA is still alive….and she’s almost 40 and with that, despite Black Not Cracking…and many aged black ladies still looking banging…this bitch is thick as fuck…from the waist down…the way some of you may want your women…but in ways that scare me…even if they meant that she crush watermelons with her thighs…convenient in those times when you’ve got all kinds of watermelons and no knife to cut em….right?

I realize mentioning watermelons when posting a black chick…is daring, edgy, and puts me at risk of being called racist…

Ultimately, that racial connotation is your own racism because I just couldn’t think of any benefit of having legs this big – other than crushing melons…

Deal with it.


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Mya’s Ass in a Tight Dress of the Day

Here’s some black booty, cuz there’s something that happens to me every summer, where I have a week or two of serious jungle fever…which I guess is a racist term…but the only one I know to get the poitn that I only want to go down on black girls….you see cuz I always have a black girl fetish, but Iwhen th e heat kicks in, it’s all I want, like other chicks don’t even exist anymore….and seeing pics of someone like Mya and her ass…cater to my fucking needs, which is good news for her, cuz I’m sure before today, she was struggling with her irrelevance and inability to get her career to the next level, you know peaked years ago and holding on….but now…she’s got a two week gig every summer in my masturbation habits…and really who could want anything more….? Not me. But then again I have no ambition.

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Mya on Dancing With the Stars is Getting Desperate of the Day

Here is a clip from what I assume is last night’s Dancing with the Stars because I don’t own a TV and if I did it wouldn’t be set to some dancing show not matter how much of a mail order bride cock tease who won’t fuck you unless you pay her enough and promise her citizenship on your Russian vacation Karina Smirnoff is but I assume they are trying to keep things fresh, because Mya was doing the Lambada and everyone knows that the Lambada is the forbidden dance and that means it’s meant to go down in small Brazilian town and not on national TV, not that I am that offended by its misrepresentation, or because the entertainment industry ruins all that is sacred to me, because the lambada is not sacred to me, but because where I always thought Lamabada meant dirty, condomless penetration to music, and now I’m forced to realize I was wrong.

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Mya Rockin’ a Bikini of the Day

I made friends with a black dude outside some hotel lobby. He was drunk and talking to every 18 year old girl who walked into the place. He’d tell them that he liked their dress or that they were beautiful and kept this up for about 30 minutes to different groups of girls, always singling out the ugliest one in the group. He started chatting me up. He was freaking out about all this young pussy and told me that he was laying the groundwork. He saaid that girls are hooked on black dudes and that all girls want a daddy. Since he was in his 50s, he was working that angle.

The next thing I know, I am in the hotel bar with the dude, who is buying me drinks and all these hot young girls rush him because he was so nice to them when they walked in and was a familiar face amongst all the chachi losers with bottles of Grey Goose trying to bag them.

Within 10 minutes, this friendly older guy these girls were running to for safety is making out with almost every one he spoke to walking in. They were all taking turns with him, so while 10 girls are crowded around him waiting for a turn, I’m confused to shit as to what I am experiencing.

The bad news was that I didn’t get the spillover of girls he didn’t want, because he wanted all of them, but I did get to see some ass and titties as dude playfully lifted and pulled down their dresses for me. He only to get a friendly slap on the shoulder by the girls he pretty much violated as to say “oh Mr Old Strange Pervert Black Man, You’re So Silly”, knowing that if I did it, I’d get arrested so I ended up leaving because the world is not fair.

I guess that has nothing to do with Mya in a bikini since she’s not young, and hot anymore buy I guess she’s black enough to remind me of my new friend who I will never see again….

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