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Britney Spears and the Naked Cowboy of the Day

Here’s a cleaned up version of Britney Spears performing last night with a clothed Naked Cowboy and it looks like all the homos in the audience had the time of their life, because straight guys just can’t appreciate this shit.

I actually don’t understand why gay guys are so hooked on Madonna. It’s fucking crazy, they see her as an idol even though she has a vagina and even new generation teenage homos are all up on this bitch because even though she’s before they time, just because it’s part of the job description of taking it in the shitter…

Here’s Madonna and Britney in Concert Together

Here’s a video of Naked Cowboy doing what he does best on the streets of New York and not with Britney Spears in Concert…

Here’s a video of Madonna in Concert Supporting Gay Marriages Because Her Whole Fanbase is Gay….

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