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Rihanna’s New Video of the Day

The song is called “The Wait is Ova”…I like to call it go fuck yourself….we don’t give a fuck that you’re releasing an album and just because you name your song in a way that make us feel like we do, doesn’t mean we do. Good try trickin’ us, you poor daughter of a garbage man piece of shit I hope is getting exploited fucking hard because you don’t deserve a life outside the shanty….

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Tila Tequila’s New Trashy Whore Song of the Day

Tila Tequila is beyond fucking lame. She’s is like a washed up cheesy club girl that has no talents, she just had the abillity to use a hack script on Myspace to send out 1000s of friend requests, and because she was half naked people accepted. She has no business being famous, she’s barely even cute, she has big fake tits and that’s about all she has going for her. Not to mention this whole act is just an act. Four people I know close to her say she’s been in a longterm relationship since before all this started, I’m talking 6 years with the same motherfucker, who doesn’t care that she makes out with random dudes when it means she gets fucking paid. I am tired of the bullshit.

That said, here is a video of her previewing her new garbage song, you guessed it, half naked, because that’s the only way people will listen to this garbage. The only line that stands out for me in this clever song “I fucked the DJ” was when she “raps” and I use that term very fucking loosely Raw with no protection”. Good message to all the 13 year old girls who think you’re relevant. More unwanted pregnancy and STDs is just what the world needs, especially when this cunt is exclusive to one fucking cock for close to a fucking decade, a monogamous preaching slut behavior. I hate these fucking lies.

Bonus here she is with her friends flashing the mirror at the club….

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Paris Hilton’s Shit Song of the Day

Paris Hilton has a new song. Someone emailed it to me. I assume it is the theme to her shitty new show that I will never watch, becasue the only BFF Paris derserves is a punch to her cunt. I don’t know if that made sense, but it doesn’t have to. Paris should stick to what she’s good at, which is having no shame, getting naked on camera and annoying the fuck out of the rest of the world for having a total disregard and no respect for pretty much anyone who doesn’t have a trust fund.

Either way, here’s a little music video that I put together for the song.

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