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Kylie Minogue Sexed Up New Video Looks Fun of the Day

Take that cancer….Kylie Minogue’s pussy is like some kind of cancer fighting superhero, who after a few years of recovery, has decided to take her hot 45 year old body out to do another sexed up video, to remind us that despite having her tits cut off, she still has huge fucking sex appeal and won’t let that fucking disease get the best of her and I like seeing cancer lose, especially when it looks like this half naked bitch filming her newest video, but that’s because I’m a pervert and really like seeing all pussy and tits, disabled, special olympic, hispanic, black,white, abused, insecure, happy, elderly, psychotic, rich, poor, drunk, gutter, Australian, unhygienic , diseased or not….

So here’s Some Kiley Making a Comeback that I approve of….

Pics via PacificCoastNews
Pics via Fame

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Miley Cyrus Can’t Be Tamed and Sluts Out of the Day

Here is a pantsless performance of Miley, who is half bird, have teenage prostitute and she’s pretty much doing the Gaga, I guess trying to re-invent herself, saying shit like how she goes through guys like money and that she can’t be tamed, all while showing off her tit, and I can only assume at least one of you is going to jerk off to this shit. I guess I shouldn’t hate on Gaga as much as I do, cuz she managed to get all these conservative Jesus virgin cunts to whore out, dyke out, and influence a whole lot of girls to follow her lead, making this summer a possible beautiful thing…so I’ll stop bothering laughing about the new Miley and I will just let you get back to masturbating, cuz it’s not everday you get to see a minor like this, so take advantage and then thank Hollywood for giving you some kiddie porn…goodtimes..

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Beyonce Tries to Sex it Up in her New Music Video of te Day

Here’s a music video that along with teaching the kids how to smoke at drink include Beyonce’s attempt to take on Lady Gaga. From wearing lingerie and no pants, showing off tit and ass, shaking her shit, mopping in the shit, doing the dishes in the shit, and almost getting me excited in the shit, before rmemebering this is Beyonce and I fucking hate Beyonce no matter how half naked she is….or what traditional gender roles she pretends to be doing…cuz I know the closest thing this fat ass diva has done to chores the dishes is eating off the dishes while her hired immigrants are massaging her feet….

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Christina Aguilera’s Half Naked Lady Gaga Impression of the Day

Christina Aguilera is previewing her new video cuz she’s making a comeback….

It depresses me that Lady Gaga became such a big deal in music because now everyone is biting her style that she bit from Madonna in some kind of bullshit hipster fashionista claim that she’s a “performing artist” and that she pushed boundaries with her “House of Gaga”….

Not because I don’t like seeing these celebrities half naked fighting to get noticed, especially when they are Christina Aguilera and her breast implants, but because it just takes away the whole effect when I know this is her thinking Gaga’s way is the only way, essentially giving Gaga the credit she doesn’t fucking deserve just because she’s got a bunch of singles….

I don’t know how to make this make sense because I am a drunk, but what I am trying to say is that I hate that bitch can’t come up with her own act that is equally half naked while giving Gaga credit she doesn’t deserve and making herself look like a bottom feeding piece of trash, when really she paved the way for this bullshit…

I don’t think that made it make more sense….but watch the preview and enjoy.

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Rihanna’s New Video of the Day

The song is called “The Wait is Ova”…I like to call it go fuck yourself….we don’t give a fuck that you’re releasing an album and just because you name your song in a way that make us feel like we do, doesn’t mean we do. Good try trickin’ us, you poor daughter of a garbage man piece of shit I hope is getting exploited fucking hard because you don’t deserve a life outside the shanty….

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Lil’ Wayne’s New Video of the Day

Here’s some Lil’ Wayne video premiere that features some girl’s whale tail, and since staring at a girl sitting in from you you when her panties are poking out of her pants is the closest you get to sex, I figured you’d appreciate the video. I am not feeling this song at all, but who cares what I think, I’m guessing it’s about some hot chick from High School rejected him and now she’s a single mother and he’s a superstar rapper.

I don’t get why people never get over high school, it’s all pretty fucking pathetic to me, it’s like move the fuck on, who cares if you got rejected then, but are popular now, or you were popular then and your life is pathetic now, or if you were pathetic then and are still pathetic, living in your one room apartment since your mom passed away and your siblings made you sell the house you never wanted to move out of but couldn’t afford to buy them out, but at least now you can have as much porn as you want sprawled out all over the place because no one ever comes over.

That said, I know at least 15 people from my highschool who want me dead because I was mean and gave them a complex, one was the girl with orange hair who I called fire crotch daily, making her think something was wrong with her pussy, leading to a lifetime of sexual issues, the other, some skinny fat I used to convince to get naked in front of me by telling her she was hot and that I really respected her, only to have a video camera hiding in the room, recording so we could publicly humiliate her…there are others, but I don’t remember that shit and either should Lil’ Wayne.

Here’s some Lil’ Wayne Interview With Kimmel Where he Talks About Losing His Virginity at 11….

More Kimmel Stunts…because he’s better than Fallon.

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Kanye’s Love Lockdown Video Premiere of the Day

I may not know what Hip Hop is, but I do know that premiering your video on the Ellen Show is definitely not it. I know that Kanye is on some other level of being this mainstream phenomenon or some shit, but I am sure trying to tap into the housewives market is really not where anyone wants to be, unless of course you are a diaper or anti-depressant company or maybe a dude who is hurting from the loss of his own mother and hoping to find a stand in. Oh right.

Either way, this song is already a big deal, unfortunately, because that just fuels more Kanye ego and stupidities and on a side note, I went to his old DJ’s concert this past weekend because the dude is from Montreal and seems to think he’s fuckin’ Kanye West because he was his back-up man for one tour and was flirting with fat chicks, while getting retarded drunk and acting a fool on stage for his sold out audience. The fucker he didn’t even acknowledge me when we were next to each other and I said what’s up and on another side note, I punched a girl in her rib because she was acting up and it made me feel like a man. Watch the video.

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