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Russell Brand’s Got No Taste in Vagina of the Day

Russell Brand is kind of a funny dude. I have seen him in stand-up years ago and he was a lot more interesting to listen to than the other people on the bill like Judd Apatow, Seth Rogan and that weird Asian chick who fucks the dude in Juno.

Sure his shit is tired, his jokes repetitive, he’s softer and candy coated and even annoying, but I am sure he could land some seriously hot pussy, but instead he’s fucking Katy Perry. Sure, he’s kinda gay and gay dudes pretending to be straight don’t traditionally fuck the hottest girls, you know as they prefer the kind who look like they have dicks, and in his defense he is from the UK where most girls are as ugly as Katy Perry, but I guess we can always hope that this known heroin addict, or at least dude who claims he was a heroin addict has HIV from sharing needles he hasn’t told anyone about and does us all a favor by infectin’ this bitch….cuz then she’ll be too sick to make another horrible record to destroy my life with. Good goin’ Russell! Someone get him the Nobel Peace Prize.

Pics via Bauer

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