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Fergie’s Dumpy Ass and Rihanna’s Shitty See Through for the NRJ Awards of the Day

The NRJ Awards happened this past weekend and nobody cared because no one has ever heard of the NRJ Awards. They are some French bullshit and they managed to recruit Rihanna and Fergie to the event…who I guess thought they had to dress sexy because they were in fashionable France…I don’t know whether they actually won an award at the event, both it is safe to say both definitely won for being washed up sluts the public finally realizes were never hot now that the media has stopped raping us up the ass with their bullshit images trying to hang on as hard as they can….I seriously can’t figure out what happend to Fergie’s face but I think it’s safe to say “Burn victim”…..

Here’s Rihanna doin the doily…..I can only assume her mother in Barbados made this out of shit she stole from the hotel she worked at….

Pics via Fame

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