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Kardinal Offishall Number 1 Video Premiere of the Day

Kardinal Offishall is cool with me. His people put me on the list to some parties, they got me tickets to his concert, they unlike every single record label or artist value what the site brings to the table or some shit, so when I saw this premiere to his new video, I felt like I had to post the shit because it’s one of those scratch my back I’ll scratch your back situation, only in this case, there’s no physical contact going on, because that shit would be gay and I am not down with that, no matter how much E I’m on.

The video doesn’t have many sluts doing slutty things in it, like there’s not booty talking, there’s not pornstars simulating sex, it’s all pretty tame, but I think the songs pretty sexy and something you could probably throw on when you drag a drugged up girl home by the hair to real secure that the sexy time you are about to have with her paralyzed body is not rape, but love making.

Check it out if you wanna hear a new song and see a new video of a guy who’s been nothing but supportive of what I do, which is pretty much sit around in my underwear writing hateful smut no one reads, so in turn I’m going to give him my support for making good music. That’s just how I work.

UPDATE – Here’s a video of the Casting Call, where sluts with big dreams of being in music videos showed up….to dance around…like sluts….

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Jessica Simpson’s Album is Number 1 on the Country Charts of the Day

So it turns out that all the making fun of Jessica Simpson on her quest to be country didn’t really pan out the way I thought it would or wanted it to. I am the kind of guy who likes other people’s failure, especially when the idea they are working on is retarded and I thought country folk would have my back on this shit and resent her and her Beverly Hills lifestyle for trying to step on their backwoods inbred toes, but for some reason shit was number one on the fuckin’ charts.

In all fairness to this “success”, number 3 on the chart was Various Artists -NOW That’s What I Call Country, and I also have a feeling her mainstream diehard fans are the ones buying the shit and not her country haters, and most importantly, no one buys CDs anymore, so I guess when you sell 10 records nationwide, it’s a big deal and gets you noticed, even when those 10 CDs were bought by your dad.

Either way, I still like her tits.

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