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The People’s Choice Happened Last Night….of the Day

So the people’s choice awards happened last night and I didn’t watch them mainly because I have a penis, or at least claim to have a penis when I can hide behind my soiled underwear. Sure, I don’t have a TV, but if I did, I wouldn’t pollute my brain with this bullshit, take that People’s Choice Awards. I really stuck it to you in this post didn’t I , you cocksucker.

Here are some pictures of some of the people who were there, not by choice, but because they had to do it for their careers…..if you’re into jerking off to bitches who are all dolled up…

The highlights of the red carpet were:

Jewel’s Fucked Up Cleavage Matches Her Teeth…..

Nikki Cox and her Fucking Weird Lips…..

Annalynne McCord Working the Camera Harder Than She Works Her Girlfriend’s Clit because She’s an Attention Whore…

Here are the rest of the sluts….

Brooke Burke’s Cleavage:

Dakota Fanning’s Dress Fighting with Puberty….

Teri Hatcher and Her Disgusting Everything….

Paris Hilton and Her Annoying Poses….

Queen Latifah and Whoever She’s Hiding In Her Lesbian Dress….

Olivia Wilde, whoever the fuck that is….

Oh and Carrie Underwood was There But I Tried to Ignore Her….

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