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PinkyXXX the Pornstar Booty Claps in a Racist Interview of the Day

Her name is Pinky XXX and she’s a fuckin’ nasty fuckin’ pornstar who makes me sick to my fuckin’ stomach and not because she’s black but because she’s a piece of fuckin’ trash and her fuckin’ ass is retardedly fat and not in a good way. I don’t get how this big booty shit became popular because when I look at it, I see one too many bowls of ice cream but dudes seem to see sex and that confuses me. The reason I am posting this shit is to give you a glimpse into how trashy and uneducated a money driven whore who gets paid to do dirty things with her body actually is.

She fuckin’ slaughters white girls in this shit and goes off about how if she was a white slut she’d never would have made the kind of money she made. If the tables were turned and she was a white girl rippin’ into black girls she’d be called a racist but because of the years of oppression and shit she can get away with it. It’s kinda like BET but the fatter assed slut who takes on multiple cock and slaps her ass version.

The highlight is when she claps her ass cheeks and talks about how she broke some small dicked motherfucker’s dick and made him bleed. I guess compared to her ass even the biggest dick looks small and that’s the added hit on your self esteem when you lower yourself to fuck a fatty. Either way, I guess it’s a good move for her considering her only other career option was to work behind the counter at a fast food chain.

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