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PinkyXXX the Pornstar Booty Claps in a Racist Interview of the Day

Her name is Pinky XXX and she’s a fuckin’ nasty fuckin’ pornstar who makes me sick to my fuckin’ stomach and not because she’s black but because she’s a piece of fuckin’ trash and her fuckin’ ass is retardedly fat and not in a good way. I don’t get how this big booty shit became popular because when I look at it, I see one too many bowls of ice cream but dudes seem to see sex and that confuses me. The reason I am posting this shit is to give you a glimpse into how trashy and uneducated a money driven whore who gets paid to do dirty things with her body actually is.

She fuckin’ slaughters white girls in this shit and goes off about how if she was a white slut she’d never would have made the kind of money she made. If the tables were turned and she was a white girl rippin’ into black girls she’d be called a racist but because of the years of oppression and shit she can get away with it. It’s kinda like BET but the fatter assed slut who takes on multiple cock and slaps her ass version.

The highlight is when she claps her ass cheeks and talks about how she broke some small dicked motherfucker’s dick and made him bleed. I guess compared to her ass even the biggest dick looks small and that’s the added hit on your self esteem when you lower yourself to fuck a fatty. Either way, I guess it’s a good move for her considering her only other career option was to work behind the counter at a fast food chain.

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  • LOL

    well technically white chicks are the sluttiest race, so she has a point.

    I love when white people call reverse racism.

    I guess the view is reverse sexism right?

  • Cornflakes

    stfu you fucking coon. Your nasty black mother probably has four kids by four different daddies. Enjoy your welfare.

  • Astor

    wait, white girls are the sluttiest race? I’m sorry but who pops out babies like it’s their job…. Oh rite it IS your job since the only reason you don’t get abortions is because welfare sends more money in the mail, the more kids you got. Maybe there are more white girl pornstars because the famous ones are actually hot

  • rae

    this girl is a nasty, racist tramp. and i think curves on a woman are hot, but those aren’t curves. that’s just sloppy, rolling FAT. sick.

  • Lojik

    Hold up, hold up. Get the fuck outta here with all that welfare bullshit you make it seem like ALL black women do that shit, I disagree when he says that white women are the sluttiest race, but get the fuck outta here sayin’ bullshit like that. All white women aren’t slutty, and neither is all black women. Stop bein’ so damn close minded and biased and grow the fuck up.

  • The lady doth protest too much…
    she certainly spends an inordinate amount of time discussing something she doesn’t care about…white women. it sounds to me like she is very insecure about herself and her place in the world so she gets her self-worth from putting down other people. and the sound of her big jungle ass slapping was fucking gross.

    translation for the first poster”lol”

    bitch be frontin’ talkin out da side her neck bouts da fussy white bitches….blah, blah, blah…nigga

  • almost forgot; white people don’t call ‘reverse-racism’, black people made up that phrase because they are ignorant.

    lesson 1:racism defined-

    Prejudice or discrimination based on an individual’s race; can be expressed individually or through institutional policies or practices. …

    or racialism is a form of discrimination based on race, especially the belief that one race is superior to another. …

    The belief that one ‘racial group’ is inferior to another and the practices of the dominant group to maintain the inferior position of the dominated group. Often defined as a combination of power, prejudice and discrimination.

    The doctrine that race is the basic determinant of human abilities and that, therefore, the various racial groups constitute a hierarchy in which one group is properly regarded as superior to others.

    As you can see racism is not defined by color. Anyone can be a racist, as evidenced by that video.

    ‘reverse-racism’ implies something that would be the reverse of racism. But what should i expect from a race of people that nature has determined is not fit for survival. therefore we send medicine and food to africa and feed your children for which you are unable or unwilling to care and we give you jobs even when you’re not qualified because you might whine. and if that doesn’t work, you’ll set more fires in the ghetto and expect us to clean it up. get a clue.

  • theTruth

    what so funny ..is the cat that runs this site is a nigger…he is just in denial

  • PUKE!!! I have a fat ass, and I’m of color, and the ONLY reason why this bitch makes me want to rip her fucking eyes out is cause shes a phony, “mafucka this” “mafucka that”, all the motherfuckers that worship these lazy ass people that talk “ghetto” and “son this & that” need to wake up and realize that the only people holding them back, is themselves!

  • What

    To you white folks above that speak your hate, enrich your spirit . And as far as racism goes black folks can hate you and speak ignorance, but to be racist you must control capital, over see hiring and provide services. You have to be in a position to apply your racist beliefs and target those on your hate list.

  • crazy

    too much hate …

  • Fecal_Peanut

    Black, white… Who gives a fuck? She is morbidly obese, and thinks she is hotter than a super model. Her website may get traffic, but that is because it is like a train wreck. You just can’t turn away from something so odd.

  • Ya ya yours truly mofuckaz, All I gotta say is Fuck that bitches’ couch. And that Funkmaster Flex lookin ass fool with her, Fuck that niggas’ couch too.


    I just threw-up in my mouth…

  • Sometimes there is a woman who steps forward, steps apart from the crowd. This woman, while not immune to fear, somehow pushes beyond herself and while doing so, teaches us all how to be better people.

    PinkyXXX is not this woman. She’s just a slut who gets nailed by shaquille o’neal sized cocks and uses hip hop slang from 2 years ago.

  • LOL

    stuff white people like

    1) anonymous racist comments on the internet

    2) linking websites and using it as facts

  • betty

    to be honest this girl is stupid. NOt all white chicks are sluts. Not all black women are on welfare or have alot of babies either. The last time I checked white women beat out black women in having children(with black men I may add). All this racism shit needs to stop.

  • Sam Onella

    “i threw up in my mouth” isn’t fucking funny anymore. it wasn’t ever really that funny.

    it’s also stupid. why would you throw up in your mouth? why don’t you fucking lean over and vomit, you douche-nozzle?

  • Sam Onella

    Hey, LOL, isn’t “stuff white people like:” an anonymous racist comment?

    “Stuff black people like” certainly is. Don’t make us look stupid. These crackers will use every chance they can get. 🙂

    I just threw up in ILL WILL’s mouth!

  • mr-plow

    fuck you you fucking stupid black cunt. u take loads in the face for free i bet. u aint gotmoney u fucking hoe

  • jeff buckley

    “what says”
    by your definition, since I’m poor and unable to control commerce then my comments were not racist. and that, my nappy-haired friend, is based on your own ignorant definition. look it up. and enrich your spirit and mind.

  • jeff buckley

    stuff black people like: ignorance, violence, money, white women, and perpetuating their ignorance. oh yeah, and anonymous comments. i notice you’re not leaving your name. my name is right there in the name field where it says, “jeff buckley says”

  • jeff buckley

    by the way, “cracker” is an offensive term, especially when regarding someone whom never cracked a whip in his life. my family was one of the very few landowning families in kentucky in the 1800’s that didn’t have slaves. why would you direct your hate and venom at an entire race of people when me or my people had nothing to do with slavery.

    in response to your next statement, you’ll notice my first post was posted 4pm yesterday almost two hours after “lol” started his racist postings. i’m just responding to your hate.

  • jeff buckley

    so you know, a definition is a fact.
    A definition is a concise explanation of the meaning of a word or phrase or symbol.
    i wouldn’t expect you to understand that because you only operate on emotion. your reasoning skills obviously have not evolved.

  • jeff buckley

    sam onella you are okay until you use hateful words like “cracker”



  • Hold up.., that guy how asks did the whole fat booty thing get started.Its been around. And your a fool, cuz your mama’s probably lil over weight, too. We as Blk men, we love all women with curves.So, excuse me if white society frowns on what we love. White guys for the most part love the girls who have the body of a 12yr old boy with these big ‘ol knockers! Then say thats hot!No it aint! Yea I said aint.So Get over yourself Prick! The time of the boney bitch is over! “Put sum meat on your chick”

  • I speak da Truth

    stop hatin stupid fuckers!!! its plain and simple BLACK MEN like something to hold onto back there not some flat as a pancake ass…get wit it!!! She making DOUGH!

  • smitty

    it’s porn dumb asses! Look at white women……ohhhhh! They rule in the slut department……..lol

  • Scott Beskom

    Bad move and bad publicity taking the Chargers to L.A. If it’s all about the money and media, the NFL is all about greed. I have been a Charger fan sense 1960, but I will not support them in L.A. Not even the NFL.

  • DJTheDJ

    Doubt she’s racist, she’s stated her adoration for white guys more than once. She’s just the type of black chick who’s insecure about white girls because she sees them as competition for white guys.