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Rachel Haris and Her Friends in Miami for Music Week of the Day

I would say my favorite instagram account I follow is a model and artist named Rachel Harris, who I think you should follow CLICK HERE ….because she’s hot, fun, hangs with hot girls, and goes to all the trendy and cool events, because they are current and with it and down with the cool, on trend, on brand, on the internet….where they all look pretty hot…doing whatever it is that they do…

There’s a music festival in Miami, that’s really fucking commercial, which is funny to me, because I used to go to Raves in the 90s due to my alcoholism and remember when “Winter Music Festival” now ULTRA music festival started to be known and it was a bunch of crackhead DJs with a bunch of crackhead party kids, while now it’s like Coachella, or Burning Man, or SXSW, or Art Basel, where everyone MUST attend, where McDonald’s probably hands out burgers, where Marketers are cashing in, and where all the instagrammers take selfies since no one has an actual job, but need to put it on their social media, so the people know they matter…or that they go places that matter and do things….while just being themselves…

The reality is that Rachel Harris can do no wrong, because when you’re as hot as her, you can go to all the lame commercial events, with all the OTHER lame people, but you stand out as the fucking star…you know since she’s a star…right….RIGHT..

These girls…are a wild time….

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