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Lindsay Lohan’s Tits in Paris are Romantic of the Day

Lohan is hanging with a gang of rejects in Paris, where she’s hitting up as many of the fashion shows as she can during Paris Fashion Week, hoping to really solidify her place in the fashion world, only apparently she got rejected access from some John Galliano show, because I guess the people at John Galliano don’t give a fuck about Lohan, but as long as she rocks these titty dresses, I do….unfortunately, Lohan’s not showing up at my door trying to get in, but if she keeps getting rejected at legit events, one day she may…you know when she’s desperate and made aware that I want to get her pregnant with my irrelevant dick.

Here are extra pics of Lohan in some tight outfit that I don’t want to bother doing a dedicated post on because I am lazy, they aren’t that interested, and I’d rather be napping in preperation of my night drinking….

Pics via Fame
Pics via Bauer

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