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I am – Paris Hilton Leaving Jail of the Day

So this is the video of Paris Hilton walking out of jail with a big smile, shaking hands with the people, like she just ran a marathon of hope for retarded kids. I am convinced that bitch hasn’t changed at all, now that it’s over she can go back to her whore life of being self absorbed useless waste of space and she can also make a little money from the whole experience with her book and sudden spike in media interest in her. I wrote her a letter, she never responded. So bitch is dead to me, unfortunately she’s not dead to all of you and you motherfuckers will just keep feeding her story and ego as the next months unfold. She’ll be in magazines, on TV, in newspapers on the internet, making appearances and speeches and being interviewed It’s a whole new beginning for Paris in the limelight, and probably not a new experience for her to make a difference with her celebrity. What you will see happen is simple, young girls everywhere will be trying to get DUI’s on a suspended license so that they too can live the Paris life. It’s like the sex tape revolution all over again, only girls going to jail is a lot less interesting to me than girls sucking dick.

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