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Rosario Dawson Naked of the Day

Rosario Dawson Naked in the Mirror covering her Pussy with Roses

Rosario Dawson may be old, she may be disgusting, she may be irrelevant, on some low level trying to make a comeback because she knows hollywood needs ethnic people and she’s ethnic hustle…

But she’s trash, gutter trash from the housing projects she used to Squat in with her dirt poor family, before her developed teen tits caught the eye of a creepy film director who put her into KIDS and put her on the map and gave her something to run to, that could save her and her family from having to shit in a hole in the floor again….

The reason I hate her isn’t because I know people who knew her in the late 90s when she was a party girl, cokehead, diva who thought she was fucking Barbara Streisand or fucking Beyonce before Beyonce, cuz yes she’s that Old…you know the new money millionaire who walks around like she’s running shit, despite being dog shit, forgetting her humble and modest roots…

I hate her because she had some really softcore leaked nudes happen, I don’t even think full tit was in them, and her legal team came after me….

A week later, after she realized the hype it got, she starts posting up nudes all fucking day on her own channel…and that sort of slowed down…but still happens and every time it does…I think what an asshole..

Sure, she’s not hot, or interesting, or remotely as good as she was…but I can handle that…what I don’t like is narc bitches telling their lawyers to come at sites like mine over pics….then going and posting more pics like this….it’s just fucking rude…

Clearly, she wants to be naked, despite how weird her mid section works…naked on her own terms, but naked on social media for people like me to grab and post…no different than the leaked nudes…and for that I’d like to say “fuck you”…Rosario Dawson…you’re fucking gross….put some damn clothes on grandma.

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Rosario Dawson Eats Pussy of the Day

Rosario Dawson is irritating…and so is her clickbait…

She was the slutty Teen in KIDS that Harmony Korine pulled out of some housing project her family were squatting at, cuz he’s a pervert….

She turned into some bullshit celebrity brat who could afford all the cocaine while being a total cunt thanks to being raised in a squat, leaving the squat and having all the money to do shit. It gives a crackwhore an ego…totally disregarding her ghetto roots….

I’ve heard so many stories from so many people…that she’s the worst..and I’ve even been approached by her legal team to take down pics of her cuz she’s that annoying

But here she is on a cry for attention…garbage.

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Rosario Dawson Cocktease of the Day

Last week, Rosario Dawson’s legal team reported my site to google, even after I deleted her nude selfies that were leaked or posted to the internet – that I wasn’t even sure were of her – but I am now – because her legal team came after me…I got the final notice from them yesterday…

You know angry she’s an exhibitionist who gets naked in pics, like everyone else in the world, including me, like I’ll facetime a bitch my cock if she really wants it – why the fuck would I care…and I’m anonymous on the internet…this one is some coke party girl who recently found her dead cousin who was employed by her – because that’s how hard they go….someone who has been out there, naked or naked enough since she was 17….and she cares that I repost pics I found on tumblr…come on…

Then she goes out and snaps her toplessness with the hashtag free the nipple without showing…like a cocktease you know she is – because as an actress that’s what she does…but still…offensive…

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Rosario Dawson is Squeezed the Fuck into a Dress of the Day

I guess Rosario Dawson is pregnant, or maybe her gut caught up to her hispanic tits, I think calling her a hispanic is racist, I am not a racist, since I truly feel we are all God’s people. I just don’t believe in God….I just feel we’re all here sucking resources off the earth together, who gives a fuck about where a motherfucker is born, or what color they are, we are all equally horrible, and we will all die when the world explodes…So I am not racist, but I do hate when a set of big tits, gets old, and a gut to match those big tits….I wonder if it is pregnancy, maybe it is just coke bloat…or maybe it’s from quitting coke cuz girl is a party girl…who knows…who cares…this dress is terrible…you can’t push them tits high enough to distract me from everything else going on here…

I guess it is just a reminder of how old the leaked nudes are.


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