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Romanian Weather Girl’s Tit Pops Out of the Day

Here’s a video that I assume is making the rounds on Reddit, since every single “men’s site” clickbait with shitty editorial site has posted it, making me feel like I am late to the club, if I actually believed anything Romanian TV was newsworthy…

I mean I get that frat boys, bros and closet cases get excited when they see tits, like a bunch of primates in the cage jerking off each other waiting to date rape the next ape that walks in, but as someone who spends time in strip clubs and actually fucking hookers, tits just don’t really matter..

Big tits, little tits, all tits, mastectomy tits, all tits are just tits..

But I guess seeing Roxana Vancea, this Romanian Weather girl doing jumping jacks on some bootleg low budget shit, in an era where I just assumed Romania didn’t even own or have TV technology yet, is better than nothing…because when you’re competing with Weather APPS, the only way to get people into watch weather is with tits.

Fascinating…because she’s not even hot..she looks like a trans man…

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