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Some “DJ” Named Roxanne Dawn in a Bikini of the Day

Here’s some Playboy chick who I don’t understand how she got into Playboy. I guess Playboy had some quota to fill because of her ethnicity and they were trying to knock down the stereotype that they only promote blonde, fake titty cunt. I figure they coulda got on a plane and found some substantially better lookin Asian bitch for a lot less money, I mean from what I know Asia is built on rub and tugs and prostitution, if she is even Asian, I mean I can’t really tell behind that broken down face, but I can tell that she’s a huge joke especially considering she tours as a fucking DJ, one I assume plays the shittiest music to an Ed Hardy crowd because Ed Hardy crowd are so faggot that they don’t know what makes a pussy hot, but know to get excited when they hear that girls are in Playboy because that must mean they are hot, since they are too busy lookin’ at themselves while spotting dudes in the mirror at the gym….

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