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Serinda Swan Underwater Tits of the Day

serinda swan bikini

Serinda Swan doesn’t only have a stupid name, but she’s also an actress from CANADA>

She is from West Vancouver, which I’ve been told is a very rich part of Vancouver, but I wouldn’t know, it’s the same country but another world I don’t really bother with.

It would mean that she’s just another rich kid being and actor because why the fuck not…..Shay Mitchell was also from West Van, who knows, maybe they are sisters…or neighbors who fucking cares…..

Like other rich kids, even if she wasn’t one, she was able to realistically do the acting thing since there would be no real “starving artist”…who cares…

I guess she’s been on Ballers and smelled what the rock was cooking, some other shit, still on a Canadian show called Coroner on the CBC, which is what gave you Americans Schitts Creek…who cares…she’s 35 at this point there’s gotta be more interesting shit than her IMDB reworded….

She posted up these pics of her…with this caption:

Nothing is more important than our relationship to the truth. It might temporarily demolish us. It might rip from us the false comfort of our delusions. It might knock us off the pedestals we’ve been unfairly placed upon, but it will never let us down.

She’s one of those…fake artist hipster hippie into yoga, kambucha, green juices self care and living the bohemian life watching sunsets, listening to drum circles, doing breathing exercises, but wants to fly private whenever she can…and wants the 5 star vagabond experience…you can tell….phony.

serinda swan bikini


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Serinda Swan White Tank TOp of the Day

Serinda Swan is some Canadian who I first posted on the other day, so I assume she’s on the hustle to get noticed, and after scrolling through instagram for about 3-8 minutes she realized that she needs half naked pics, and she needs see through wifebeater like it was the 90s pics, so that she can show the world her great tits, since the world wants to see her great tits, even if they don’t know who the fuck SERINDA is….

I wrote about her a fucking week or less ago and I still had to google her, that’s the level of celebrity she’s got…and I sit and watch streaming services all day, being an unemployed hermit and all…but now we are already onto our second post about her ALL because she’s using her body to get noticed…the way NATURE intended it…

In 2017, she starred in Marvel’s Inhumans and HBO’s Ballers, and also portrayed Anne Bancroft in the first season of Feud….so she gets work no one cares about, except the Marvel Universe losers…but the tits…that’s what gets people who aren’t virgin comic book losers to actually care…

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Serinda Swan Bathing Suit Ass of the Day

Serinda Swan is some CANADIAN from WEST VANCOUVER which is where rich people live and where people like SHAY MITCHELL are from…

Her dad is some weirdo theatre director who got her into the Vancouver acting scene, which is a good place for Canadians in acting to be, because all the bootleg productions get filmed there, as it is a 3 hour flight from home for the Hollywood types, and the labor is cheaper, and the exchange rate is favorable…

So things like Smallville, where she was one twice and she was able to break out of that Hollywood North, and end up in HOLLYWOOD official by being on a series of shows…from BALLERS to something on a CBS show called CORONORS that I am sure no one under 55 knows exists but gets her paid…

She’s not that interesting, but she’s got an ass in a bathing suit and that’s enough.

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Serinda Swan Tank Top Tits of the Day

Serinda Swan is some Canadian Actress who hasn’t let me lick maple syrup out of her assholee, therefor we should collectively hate her, but being human I guess we’re more into people who don’t let us eat maple syrup out of their assholes, than those who do…it’s one of those want what you can’t have, while thinking what you do have must be pretty fucking gross and damaged to let you do that.

Well…as it turns out…this actress celebrating Canada day has big tits in a tank top and we like big tits….all fed on homegrown Canadian bacon…I am not Canadian proud, or one of those backpack around Europe in my Canadian garb…so the fact she’s born here means nothing to me…but her tits..they are everything…and that’s all I have to say about that….

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Serinda Swan’s Ass in a Bikini of the Day

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Serinda Swan guest starred in one episode of Hawaii Five-0…amongst other shit…

She’s from Canada…

She’s 31…that’s old…my cut off age, even with the hot older ladies is 25, because I’m not disgusting..but maybe you’re into battered old ladies who should be married and have kids, but is instead doing this hollywood thing, living the childhood dream….when she should take it down a notch…take it down a notch…

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