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Sharon Stone Fridge Raider of the Day

Sharon Stone is a reminder of how far we have come as a people, because it wasn’t that long ago, I mean it was about 30 years ago which is a fucking long time ago, but it doesn’t feel like that long ago, when I was pressing pause on a VHS, hoping the tracking was clear enough to see her spread legged, uncrossed leg cunt, like some kind of weird fanboy pervert….even though I wasn’t a fanboy pervert, I was just a pervert who knew that was where I could see cunt in a mainstream movie. It was progressive and look where it led us as a people…

Looking at Sharon Stone now, rocking a one-piece, not spread-legged, while making shitty art is far less fun version of the bitch, but it slooks like if you zoom in far enough, there’s some only lady fat sticking out of her swimsuit crotch that could be part of her old lady cunt, you know a little fleshy pussy fat with lost elasticity thanks to her being a senior citizen for NOSTALGIA!


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Sharon Stone’s Magical 100 Year Old Tit Slip of the Day


Sharon Stone’s tits are probably not 100 years old…but the vessel that is hosting her is…and they are falling out all over the place like her vagina I used to jerk off to in Basic Instinct when I’d pause the VHS tape at the right second to say “Oh she’s an innie”…

But that was 30 years ago and I don’t know if anything is considered an inny on her anymore, as she spills out all over the place…but I do know that I fucking love every second of this, not because I’ve never seen her tits before, she’s always topless and doesn’t give a fuck, but because I have recently developed an older lady with big tit fetish…


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Sharon Stone Bikini of the Day


Sharon Stone looks good in her bikini and is 100 years old, I know I say a lot of these girls are 100 years old, but this one is legitimately 100 years old, I remember jerking off to her in the late 80s….that means she’s 40 fucking years older than that and 30 is my normal cut off for woman – that means if she was born when I first jerked off to her – she’s 5-10 years older than my cut off for girls I jerk off to – but obviously she wasn’t a fetus when I was jerking off to her – I am not that weird – she was instead showing tits in movies…

I guess if you’re rich enough – you can pay people to lift and tuck and fill your flaws…but then again – maybe I am just used to all women looking like this becuase bitches in California start jacking up their faces at 14…..thanks social media…

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