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Sia Posts Nude Butt Shot to Twitter to Fuck the Paprazzi of the Day

Sia Posts Nude Butt Shot to Twitter to Fuck the Paprazzi

I hate that SIA Posting a watermarked pic of her ass on a balcony is being considered a big deal, when really it’s just a big ass, and not in a good way, but I think she’s in her 60s, so maybe it’s not as bad as it looks.

Her motivation was to outsmart the paparazzi who took the pic of her, in what people think is a bold move, to throw off the hype when the tabloids pic it up, but the tabloids will still pick it up, we want to see more pics of the exhibitionist trying to prevent a dude with a camera from making a living, because she’s clearly rich and disconnected with the common man…

If she didn’t want pics of her ass taken, she wouldn’t have been out in public naked…and she wouldn’t be posting it on social media trying to offset the utter shock of her fans knowing that is the ass they dance like an 8 year old from a reality show to…

Boring fucking pic..where are the pussy pics….or the dick in her mouth pics…we know they are out there….she’s trying to divert your eyes from…

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Sia Titty Flash of the Day

Sia Titty Flash of the Day

Sia has a Good Tit…that she should be using for her videos rather than some dance mom’s dance TV show…reality star 12 year old she used in all her videos that we all know at least one dude jerked off to…that leotard…even if it has innocent intentions…it shouldn’t have happened…there are too many creeps out there and it was irresponsible of her…

Especially since she has the good tit…that could be used instead…

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