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I am – Doc Marten Ad Campaign of the Day


I came across these pictures from a UK ad campaign for Doc Marten’s featuring dead rock icons wearing the boots in heaven to prove just how durable they are and that you can take them to the next life with you…or some shit…but only if you’re a rockstar, because rockstars go to heaven, you know with all their self destruction, drugs and alcohol, pre-marital sex, anti-establishment, petty crimes, suicide, murder and all kinds of other things religion really deems as being Holy….

I am not really sure why I am posting these, I really have no opinion and nothing interesting to say about any of these people, I listen to their music when it came out and even now when my I am not doing anything else on my computer because my computer sucks. I have never gone to any of their shows, but I am pretty sure that I have had sex while listening to them and that is probably an experience that definitely wasn’t as lasting or memorable as these boots and the poor women involved may have to take it to the grave with them to the grave, that is of course only if they haven’t repressed the experience like I was their uncle touching them inappropriately at the family Christmas party. I bring on shame even though they were drunk or high and I was paying them….

Either way, check out the ads. I haven’t figured out if it’s right or wrong but I do know that the last thing I’d want after I am dead is to be endorsing some shitty product I used in the 80s and 90s on the company’s revival campaign….even though I know that would never happen because I am not a rockstar but you get the fucking point asshole.

Kurt Cobain

Joey Ramone

Joe Strummer

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