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Sophie Simmons Ass of the Day

Sophie Simmons is probably the more interesting KISS merchandise because you can fuck it and it feels less awkward than putting some KISS action figure up your ass while jerking off to old concert footage as you do KISS FANS ARE MENTAL.

Sophie Simmons who has historically been a fat chick with fat tits, is clearly excited by how her big ass looks, maybe she’s trying to get cast in some HIP HOP videos you know…cuz they love the fat asses.

I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by this one, because for the last 8 years she’s been trying to be an instagram model or instagram influencer and she’s been really fucking bad at it.

Despite having a budget, trust fund, some savings, access to all the KISS fans…NO ONE cares.

WILL THIS ASS IN JEANS SHOT help…I don’t know…but I think it’s nice to se she’s more than just womanly tits, she’s also womanly ass.


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Sophie Simmons See Through of the Day

Sophie Simmons See Through

Sophie Simmons is the heiress to the KISS empire, so she’s pretty much set for fucking life.

Even if her dad is a Cheap Jewish immigrant who is conservative as fuck in all his spending, and who has no interest in giving his kids money, it’s almost impossible to not spoil the little fuckers as their wait to inherit their fortune.

It is possible that Sophie does some work, some projects, especially now that fat girls are a big deal…literally and figuratively, but I always found her wanting to be a model who gets half naked on the internet weird…but I guess it’s nice to make yourself feel hot, play a little slutty, be a little wild and manipulate the internet for likes…

There’s obviously a deep rooted dopamine release that gives these sluts a high and keeps them all slutty….

Either way, Rich Sophie Simmons the Heiress of KISS and her big tits are on the internet for KISS fans, and chubby chases, wallet fuckers and dudes who like tits…which based on my extensive research…is every single dude.


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Sophie Simmons is the Fat Chick in Shorts of the Day

Must suck when you’re mom’s this hot Playboy Playmate who fucks rock stars, and you’re this…I mean other than the whole trust fund, never have to work a day in her life, will find cock no matter how much she lets herself go, cuz there’s always opportunists out there willing to ride their fat girl’s bank account, or even die hard KISS fans willing to ride out the pussy their god, Gene Simmons, the mastermind behind the only thing that has meaning in their pathetic lives, created with his sperm.

Who knows, who cares, why is she wearing such short tight shorts? Her thighs so big she hasn’t got a pussy anymore…it’s like they won the fight and ate her pussy up…now it is no more….I’m so mean…and really for no real reason other to laugh…let’s move along now.

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