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5 Sexiest Vaporizers for Memorial Day of the Day


Memorial Day may be best known for getting wasted by the pool or at the BBQ, but it’s 2016 and you’re all a bunch of hippies who listen to rap music and like getting “lit”….I’m on instagram sometimes I see what you’re all about…

So I figured I’d do to 5 “sexiest” vaporizers for VAPORNATION …because I am a hooker trying to make YACHT money…but also because VAPORNATION is the best place for a drunk to get Vaporizers…

I would never say a Vaporizer is sexy, but girls sucking on them like a cock, blowing out smoke like Old Hollywood erotica is… Which is why I let them choose the 5 Sexiest VAPES and describe them because I don’t know shit about shit…I just like getting fucked up however I can….and so do you, but because of your Fibre Myalgia so I just chose the pictures….that’s about my mental capacity today…

1- #ThisThingRips R Series 2 | $49.99

As far as wax pens go, few offer as much bang for your buck as The R Series 2 from #ThisThingRips. The R2 is equipped with a ceramic rod atomizer and features a calibrated low-temperature coil, quality craftsmanship, a stylish green visual chamber, a powerful 650mAh battery, and universal 510 threading. For those times you need to discreetly dab on-the-go, the R Series 2’s discreet pen cap fits over the chamber, disguising the unit as nothing than an ordinary, everyday writing pen. True to GET IT HERE

2- Herbalizer | $599.99

Desktop vaporizers don’t get much better than the Herbalizer. Affectionately dubbed “Herbie” by its creators, the Herbalizer vaporizer is a space-age dual-function unit that features otherworldly styling, functionality and performance. Allowing you to choose between whip-draw or balloon bag vapor delivery methods, the Herbalizer is as versatile as it is beautiful. Its user-friendly interface is highlighted by a clear view LCD display and intuitive controls. Proudly made in the USA, Herbie is a must-own for true vaporizer connoisseurs who seek out the finer things in life. HERE

3- Source Orb XL Flosstradamus | $119.95

Portable dab rigs are taking the industry by storm, and it should come as no surprise that Source Vapes is leading the charge with the Orb XL Flosstradamus portable dab device. Not your average wax pen, the “Floss” is powered by a 40W TC box mod, and is includes revolutionary quartz rod triple coil atomizers that are constructed from pure quartz crystal and grade 1 titanium. The Orb XL Flosstradamus utilizes Source’s famous Orb mouthpiece, and is cross-compatible with many other wax pen accessories from Source. This Edition high-powered portable dab rig is a necessity for all daily dabbers and wax concentrate enthusiasts. GET IT HERE

4- Vapir Prima | $229.99

Vapir is one of the oldest, most trusted names in vaporization. Their latest release, the Prima, is one of the most highly-rated portable vaporizers of 2016, and has quickly become a favorite among many of the top vaporizer reviewers in the industry. Featuring sleek, modern styling, the Prima is equipped with four preset temperature settings, a removable stainless steel vapor channel, as well as a removable/replaceable lithium-ion battery. The Prima vaporizer a rare breed among portables, allowing you to seamlessly transition between dry herbs and wax concentrates without sacrificing performance. GET IT HERE

5- KandyPens Gravity | $129.95

The Gravity is the latest (and dare we say greatest?) wax pen innovation from KandyPens. Featuring a sandblasted black finish that’s as cool as the other side of the pillow, the Gravity vaporizer is equipped with a dual quartz rod titanium coil atomizer and also includes a coilless ceramic dish atomizer – both of which allow the true taste of your dabs to shine through. The Gravity’s battery is adjustable between four preset temperature settings, and is covered under an industry-leading lifetime warranty, which is a testament to KandyPens’ commitment to customer satisfaction. GET IT HERE

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50 Selfies to Save You From Premature Ejaculation of the Day

I am going to assume that you don’t fuck and when you do, you always cum yourself, because that’s what happens when your life has been devoted to masturbating as fast as you can when your mom is out of the house getting groceries.

It’s like look at a pic of a girl, and bust quick…only to fail every time you get with a girl…because you’re just too fucking excited that all your dreams of being with a girl are coming true…even if you are paying her….

So these 50 topless selfie pics, should put you over the fucking edge, but instead I am going tell you how to fuck girls proper, so that you don’t have to hide in your closet and masturbate fast so you don’t get caught to internet porn…

I know what you’re thinking…who cares what a girl wants in bed, you’re paying her by the hour and you don’t really care if she gets off or not.

But what you aren’t realizing is that the reason you’re paying a girl by the hour to get off, and not finding real life girls to get addicted to you and your dick is because you suck at life…but you don’t have to suck at life.…

Follow Tips and maybe you’ll save some money on the rub and tugs, that you can spend on girls who can’t get enough of having sex with you…buying them flowers and romance and shit .

It’s pretty fucking basic, you have to make her cum, and you know what, good consisted good sex from a girl who wants to fuck you because you make her cum will make everything in your life better. So you should listen….


It takes girls 17 minutes to cum. It takes dudes 5-7 Minutes. In your case 30 seconds because the hooker gives you a discount. There’s a 16.5 minute discrepancy. One trick is to jerk off before she comes over to drop your first load, get that one of of the way, going in on your second load will buy you a few more minutes of fucking.

Athletes warm up before the game, you’re no athlete, but your body works the same way. Logic.


You don’t really have much foreplay with a hooker, unless you’re a weirdo who does the whole Girlfriend experience, since your mom didn’t hug you enough as a child and you feel the need to cuddle. Seriously, who wants to eat out a hooker…I do…but that’s cuz I threw in the towel on life.

But the key to good sex is logical, foreplay. You touch, lick, rub, talk dirty, finger, eat out, stick things in her ass, role-play but not on the first date, she’ll think you’re a creep, I don’t give a fuck, just do what you can to trick her into forgetting that she’s given in and let you up inside her, do not let realize she’s even fucking you, and don’t touch your dick, just focus on her….and the longer you go – the closers she’ll get to orgasm…and the less you have to worry about busting in the first 2 minutes…


If you get off by getting a finger stuck your ass, or her in doggy, or her breast feeding you like you were her child, or being shit on, or whatever other weird fetish you have, don’t bust it out until she’s done….because it’s only polite to let ladies go, or in this case cum first.


To last longer in bed …you should try a use a numbing spray like Promescent , because it’s the ONLY Urologist Recommended topical spray that can help any guy last longer.

It’s fast-absorbing and your partner will have no idea that your pre-mature ejaculating sensitive dick is getting some help.

It doesn’t make you a loser to numb your dick, it means you want to maximize your fuck…

When I can’t get hard, I pop 1/4 viagra. When I can’t sleep, I drink a bottle of vodka and eat sleeping pills, when I get a headache from a hangover, I take a fucking aspirin and drink more. Scientists invent things for a reason..and in this case that reason is to make you last longer – she’ll appreciate it.


The start-stop method can help you learn more control during sex. Stick it in, pull it out, go down on her, stick it in, pull it out, go down on her, whisper in her ear that you love her, tell you you’re her boss, who cares, an orgasm is about fucking with her mind, not her pussy, just know that if you cum in 5 minutes or less, no one is coming back for seconds, and really, who doesn’t want to have sex longer…it makes the whole listening to her talk about her feelings at dinner worth it.

And remember – cum in her if you’re not using a condom, cuz no one uses condoms….it is proven that unwanted pregnancy keeps her around for 18 years – even when you can’t stand her…I mean if you’re lonely..



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CamWithHer Costume Party of the Day

Our friends over at CamWithHer are hosting their first ever User and Model Costume Contest on their forum!

Here’s how it works…They have two costume categories: Sexy And Funny

Models AND users, post their best costume pic HERE

Then specify which category you’re entering the contest and their admins will vote on the best in each category.

The winners will receive 50 credits or a 3 month membership.

Also, on the 30th and 31st, they are hosting a Tip For Treat Free Cams Event. It will be Halloween themed and the cams are free.

The girls will be in sexy skimpy costumes and if you tip them, you might get a treat….


Could be fun if you’re into cam girls…and really how can you not be into cam girls…they are the best thing to happen to the internet…because they take the work out of trying to get NUDES…

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