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Stephanie Schönfeld in Some Foreign Film Nudity of the Day

I still forget how old I am so when I hear a bitch who is born in 1978 is getting naked in a movie, I feel like some kind of pervert cuz she’s 8 years younger than me until I actually watch the shit and realize that she looks like a mom and not like a tight little teen girl I expected her to be, because I guess in my mind, I still think I am 22, only my body and vital organs think I’m fucking 60.

Either way her name is Stephanie Schönfeld and she’s 31 and naked in some foreign movie…..that I guess is about a 3-way relationship, and bi-sexuality something that has almost happened to me because my wife weighs as much as 2 people….but is definitely not as hot….

I’m disappointed, the fact that it is German made me expect it to be substantially more hardcore.

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