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Stephanie Pratt’s Old Lady Ass Flash of the Day

Stephanie Pratt is all euro and living the life of Luxury in Mykonos..possibly with Lindsay Lohan at the Lindsay Lohan beach club…which must be the place where hot and relevant in the early 2000s go to die in their ‘retirement’….

She’s 32, clearly not into fitness, no squats were done in the making of this ass…she’s Spencer Pratt’s sister, Heidi Montag’s sister-in-law and she has made her celebrity as being a second or third tier character on those The Hills / Laguna Beach bullshit…

After The Hills, she moved to the UK and did their Made in Chelsea reality show that has created some really garbage people…she’s done UK Big Brother…and other UK reality TV…because I guess she’s like Hasselhoff…big in Europe…while her ass is not big in Europe…it’s deflated and weird but it is here…


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Stephen Curtis Chapman’s Daughter Killed By Her Brother….

I am not one for religion, because I am just scared of any group belief that usually becomes unhealthily fanatic and crazy as soon as a motherfucker tries to kick an addiction or a tragedy strikes. I am convinced that this shit was originally population control before TV existed like some big brother is watching you in hopes of giving people morals and values so they don’t rape, kill, steal or masturbate and ruin an civilized, yet ridiculously corrupt society, with their out of control fun.

The other reason I hate this religious shit is because it’s a fuckin’ scam that preys on losers and gets them to donate 20 percent of their paychecks to their church out of guilt or hope, and anything that cashes in on a weak person is evil, if these fucker’s were so eager to help people, they’d do it for free. But instead the Preacher is pretending to save and heal the sick, collecting their cash and buying his 30 million dollar compound in southern California all in the name of Jesus because you know if Jesus lived today he’d totally steal from the poor and weak by selling them false promises in order to buy himself the luxuries of life, but that’s just because he was jewish.

Either way, Stephen Curtis Chapman is one of those annoying Christian singers his 5 year old adopted baby ended up getting killed by his useless real son “accidentally”. Death is sad especially when it happens to a cute 5 year old down orphan who was given a second chance, but I am thinking the son ran her over on purpose because he was jealous of all the attention his parents were giving her instead of to him.

Point of all this is to say that, even God hates Christian Rock…

Here’s 5 Year Old Maria before she was murdered. This kinda breaks my cold black heart.

This tragedy seems to be great opportunity for the Chapman’s to promote their charity and make a little money off it because it looks like their personal site and charity website were both updated and I know that’d be the first thing I did if my 5 year old was brutally run over by my son…..

Check out StevenCurtisChapman.com

and his Charity Shaohannah’s Hope Website/Donation Form

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