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Crazy Fucking Incest Story of the Day

I have heard a lot of weird stories about incest.

From two farm kids who were brother and sister and who went to my High School who would both brag about how they fucked each other on the regular when their parents went to bed. They would go on about how fucking convenient it is living together becuase there’s always someone to bang and in high school I guess that’s a big deal.

I have heard about an 18 year old who bang used to bang his 13 year old younger cousins in front of his other cousins in some kind of weird family reunion orgy.

I have seen incest porn, heard a lot of family family sex, family molestation, but I’ve never heard of the father killing the fuckin teenage molester by stripping them fucking naked and shooting them in the fucking head. Making this the weirdest incest story ever.

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