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Stripping “Pole Dancing” Miss America of the Day

In case you were wondering….Donald Trump makes sure the biggest scandal wins…an arab chick representing Miss America who has pole dancing pictures leaked….and really who cares, the bitch is hot and it’s a fucking beauty contest…and I think Arabs best represent America regardless…it is all you people every talk about…

As far as I’m concerned, shit is far better than stuffy Jesus loving white chick from a rich family in the south pretending to have bullshit morals like waiting for marriage and staying a virgin viriginity and don’t talk to people like me, despite the fact that they are taking it up the ass by their plantation owner father’s black workers cuz all girls are horny little sluts…especially the ones who pretend they are good…

All that to say, she Pole dancing is going to be an Olympic sport and pictures of a bitch pole dancing shouldn’t take away from her “Miss America” title, since all girls are sluts, especially ones cocky enough to enter a beauty contest cuz they think they are so pretty and have so much to offer and who really cares, just remember that Trump did this on purpose and that we’ll be ok…unless I get the chance to actually suicide bomb this pussy…..

Someone out there must have nudes…an ex-boyfriend….let’s get those sorted out.

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Tila Tequila’s Cry for Attention with her Costume Party for One Cam Show of the Day


I am not a therapist, but I think Tila Tequila’s got some serious fucking issues.

Not only does her life seem ridiculously depressing and lonely, where she spends her days on twitter trying to seduce the thousands of people who make her think she has fans and is relevant, when really she just has dudes who want to fuck her whore body, because she is one of the worlds most successful strippers….but every once in a while she does live videos of herself half naked and in this case in costumes that 7,000 people watch, because their lives are just as pathetic as hers, and waiting around to see her naked seems to be a reasonable way to spend the night….

Sure she makes good money whoring and having pretty much no shame, and maybe there is a science behind what she is doing, you know an actual business with a team of people doing her work for her, while she just enjoys her empire and part of the marketing strategy is to make us feel like she’s lonely, desperate and hanging onto what she had as the most popular person on myspace and who really cares, I’m thinking no one, because if they did, maybe Tila wouldn’t be such a wreck.

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Susan Surandon’s Slut Named Eva Amurri Topless and Stripping of the Day

Susan Surandon’s daughter’s name is Eva Amurri and she inherited her mom’s amazing tits, not that I remember Susan Surandon’s tits being amazing, but I do know that she is known for being busty, at least that’s what the weird Rocky Horror Picture re-enactment actors who come out of the woodwork every halloween in every city I’ve been in, have told me.

This is a clip of her showing that shit off on Californication, and they are pretty fucking amazing. Unfortunately, they don’t save her from her shitty face, but they are good enough to ignore her face where the camera didn’t do it for us….

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