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eBay Item of the Day


Some dude is trying to auction off a chip that looks like a pussy. I have seen many pussies in my life, I’m talking big ones and little ones, tight ones and floppy ones, meaty ones and coinslotted ones, hairy ones and shaved ones, diseased ones and clean ones. I am not sure what’s vaginal about this, other than the fact that it is a little floral. I wasn’t trying to brag about the amount of pussy I’ve actually had because my penis doesn’t actually work, so don’t think I’m like that, I am just friendly with prostitutes who feel obligated to show me the cooch dance after I hook them up with meth. Bid on this auction, if you are a total poofter. If you want something vaginal buy a fuckin fleshlight.

Potato Chip looks like spread vagina lips *Must See*

MmMmmmm….Good Enough to eat! This is a rarity ladies and gentlemen. Everyone has penis shaped items but how often do you find something that looks like this rare potato chip. Bid now before it’s to late!

See the Auction Here (via Ben)

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