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Rachel Bilson and Her Lesbian Sweater of the Day

I think her Canadian keeper has really succeeded at making Rachel Bilson boring as fuck. It’s like he’s kidnapped her sex appeal and locked it up in his fucking igloo or someshit so that no other guy looks at her or tries to fuck her. He’s even gone so far as to dress her in some native influenced sweater that you may or may not have seen every dyke wear this winter and when lesbians wear the shit, you know it’s not really something that girls are wearing to give boners. Good job Darth Vader…what don’t you fucking ruin? I guess we can only hope he gets in a snowmobile accident, or that he drives into a fucking moose or something while she’s in LA working, so that he’ll officially back the fuck off.

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Lindsay Lohan Tits in a Hypnotizing Dress of the Day

I don’t really know what shirt/dress Lohan is wearing, but staring at her tits is making me dizzy, like how they hynotize a motherfucker in Batman or some shit, possibly her final desperate attempt to get work and to work her way into our minds, and I guess it worked on me…..

I had a really weird sex dream involving Lohan that involved her naked ass, a bucket of KFC chicken, a bathtub full of gravy and a marker we used to play connect the herpes scars. It was fucking weird, but I work up with a boner, so maybe the key to my libido is fast food and easy celebrity haggard under 25 year old pussy. I guess I still have love for Lohan even though everyone else has given up on her and here are some recent pics because she fucked me so proper in my dream last night that I figure I should give her as much exposure as possible, just so it gets back to her and she knows I still care….

Pics via Fame

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