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Sylvester Stallone does the Homeless of the Day

I saw this video of Sylvester Stallone and I am posting it because I love seeing these celebrities interact with the scum that fill the street. Sure, I am borderline homeless and begging on the street, but I think that just puts me in a better position to say that we’re fucking scum. They are addicts, they are mental patients who aren’t getting treatment, they are people who just don’t fit into the mold of society because they do things like ask elderly women if their pussies are still juicy and who get mad when you don’t give them money, even though they did absolutely nothing for you, but make you clench your purse in fear, if you know what I mean.

I just like when dudes in their 200,000 dollar cars come in contact with them and get stuck in conversation with them, because like Sylvestor Stallone I’ve engaged in homeless conversation and it’s always been fucking entertaining, but I’ve always given them more than a dollar after they tell me they love me when I’m finished climaxing all over their faces. It’s just common courtesy, sure they’re desperate and hungry and dying for their next fix, but they are people too.

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