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Tamara Mellon in Her Bikini of the Day

Here’s multimillionaire named Tamara Mellon. She’s a shoe icon known as the brain behind Jimmy Choo, which is one of the big shoe designers to the stars, and if you’re wondering why I know this shit, it’s from hanging out in the mall shoe stores listening to bitches talk as they try on their pumps, barefoot and sometimes in short skirt forcing me to hit up the thrift store or Salvation Army for some cheap pumps to jerk off all over cuz the urges are just too much to handle.

Either way, she runs the shit like she was a Jewish dude, but instead of her bitching out her staff and firing people for not showing up on time or whatever cunts in business trying to pretend they have dicks in business by overcompensating, she’s on the beach showing off her scabby tit, that I am guess is from an implant, but could be from having an overall sloppy body from spending too much time behind her desk making millions, and not enough time doin’ squats….

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