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Tea Leoni Getting Wet of the Day

Tea Leoni Getting Wet Bikini

Sometimes I think that I am the only person who remembers Tea Leoni…a little Dharma and Greg….when’s that revival happening?

As it turns out…I am the only person who remembers Tea Leoni….I mean except this paparazzi who is hoping for his big payout for these super exclusive who the fuck is Tea Leoni pics…


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Tea Leoni in a Bikini of the Day

I used to want to fuck Tea Leoni, now…not so much. I dont know what it was that I liked about her at the time, it was awhile ago, but I know that it’s got less to do with her arms being jacked like she’s got a fuckin’ dick and more to do with knowing that she can’t keep her man sexually satsified, forcing him to develop a sex and porn addiction and publicly embarrassing him by sharing that with the world as some kind of punishment for how badly he’s hurt her when she found out, while the real punishment started by being married to a cunt who was too busy doing pushups to fuck proper. Here she is in a bikini.

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Tea Leoni Bikini Pictures of the Day

I used to find myself oddly attracted to Tea Leoni, that was up until today. I remember she used to be on some TV show before the dude for X-Files knocked her up and she fell off the map but she definitely had her window, a window that has been closed and remains closed but in honor of her year that she calls her glory days, here she is in a bikini top with her little STD.

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