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Miley Cyrus by Terry Richardson for Candy Magazine of the Day

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Miley Cyrus did some pictures with Terry Richardson for something called Candy Magazine, which is a 1500 issues with 9 different covers of Miley in various “controversial” poses, that are all very Disney level of controversial…but that’s not really her fault, she’s a Disney Star and any level of activism she’d be part of would be market researched aggressively…to maximize earnings and exposure to the market…

I am convinced real activism doesn’t exist anymore, all these kids are just a bunch of pussies…I liked an era when people go protested, when people got shot for their controvery…not where people are thinking “oh another instagram pic”…

That said, I like Miley licking her armpit hair…because women who objectify themselves for their career, shouldn’t have to feel the patriarchal pressure to have to shave their armpits…even though everything about them is vain….except that 1960s throwback to feminism…I also like her topless sucking a billy stick…or whatever those batons are called in a cop hat…edgy…but so fucking safe..

I expect more from a try hard popstar who has put herself out there, and a sexual assault accused photographer who used to shoot hardcore fucking pics…just 10 years ago..

I guess being corporate makes motherfuckers soft…

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Here she is singing to you….

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I take it back now that I’ve seen the other covers with strap on, pussy hair tits…solid fucking play…for a girl who has already put herself out there…this is more in line what I want to see out of her….almost good enough to jerk off to…because this is pretty much exactly what I like, skinny, small tits, pussy hair, under 25…good times..

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