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Kendall Jenner Looks Like Caitlyn Jenner for Love Magazine of the Day

Kendall Jenner is the Christmas Eve girl for Love Magazine…because this has been her year, everyday is Christmas, because she gets hired despite there never being s a less talented, interesting, non-compelling, at least she’s skinny, but really when I saw her in person, next to an actual hot model chick, you realize the lie they are perpetuating with their media power, her friend, who was probably less of a fame whore than her and her family was actually hot, and not a weird mix of Khloe, Caitlyn and the whore wrangling mom…..

She’s in underwear making a fool of herself for this Christmas fashion video that isn’t even a good half naked girl doing nothing fashion video, but she does have skinny legs, and a powerful family even if it is a lame family pushing her and making this average as FIRE as they can get it…

Love Magazine ruined Christmas…..in their worst, bottom feeding, sloppy concept advent calendar production to date….

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