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Angelina Jolie is a Lost Slut of the Day

Remember when Angelina Jolie was a hot, dark, almost gothic whore who used to show off her hot body, milk her her raw sexuality for all it was worth, leaving us with empty testicles and a dream that her next movie she’ll show nipple. You know the bitch who played a dyke with AIDS in GIA, who made out with her brother with tongue, who carried a vile of blood and talked about how much she loved fucking, who was really just a fucking gimmick who left all that good shit behind to save the world and start a fucking orphanage and pretend she’s a fucking nun sent from God to care for every third world child , totally taking away from the leather clad, thick lipped slut she made us think she was and based her whole career on…

So for every kid she adopts or provides clean water for, I see a motherfucker who robbed me of pussy I wanted to fuck, and who turned her into some “good” person you don’t want to fuck up the ass before cumming in her pussy cuz she’s so wild she doesn’t care about UTIs, because you don’t want to taint the purity that drips off her refined, luxurious clothes….The whole thing is pretty fucking depressing to me and here she is back on set, but instead of wearing PVC and showing off tit, she’s dressed like a fuckin’ lady…very fucking annoying….

Pics via Bauer

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