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Kelly Brook is TOpless for a Shitty Play of the Day

As a fat man, I have no choice but to appreciate these pictures of a bitch who combines some of my favorite things to make this highly erotic image, pastries and tits…Sure, I’m not as bad when it comes to food as my wife, she’s a serious pig and I’ve heard her cum eating a brownie and I don’t find food a sexual thing at all, it just fills some of my voids when I am not drunk….

I don’t remember who Kelly Brook is, but she’s topless on stage and it isn’t as fun as it was a few minutes ago, I think I’m hypoglycemic and getting cranky and need some sugar as a pick me up….now I’m starting to sound like my pig wife and for that I should go kill myself, or eat this cake my wife brought home last night….because really at this point…who really cares…I just don’t understand why the plays I was forced to go to never had naked pussy in it….I guess it is just further proof that I suck at life.

Pics via Bauer

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