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Lady Gaga’s Throw Up Face of the Day

I have a love / hate relationship with girls who have weak chins. On one hand I think it looks fucking ugly enough to laugh at and make fun of so that the girl gets enough of a complex as this girl I used to talk to back in the day who ended up getting a chin implant partially because she knew it looked bad and partially because I would tell her how hot she’d be if she had a chin and didn’t just have a face that turned into neck. On the other hand I love the shit because watching girls walk around like they are about to puke, with their mouths permanently open and in the gag position is fucking hysterical.

In Lady Gaga’s case, it’s just a hate relationship because I have no interest in ugly girls who make it big and overcompensate for being ugly by being loud and annoying. I like my ugly girls shut the fuck up and hiding in the corner scared to make eye contact…..

So in future, she shouldn’t forget her ridiculous mask she’s been hiding behind and you shouldn’t buy her records because despite being a beast too big to stop…we can all do our part. Think of her as global warming-a cause we all need to fight.

Pics via INF

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