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Tiffany Trump is the Future of the Day


Tiffany Trump is the Trump that no one pays attention to, despite being the one who is still 21 and making noise around herself, and not just with her shitty song:

But with her Instagram modeling, that has led her to hang out with other LA rich kids, who go by the name “rich kids of instagram”….because Trumps are always classy like that…you know shameless, loud, flaunting assholes who like to brag because American Royalty is still white trash…obviously…

I always encourage the future President’s daughters to post butt shots on the internet, but I guess I encourage all girls to post butt shots on the internet, and when your mom is Marla Maples, a Gold Digger, like so many Gold Diggers before her, you’re a little more Kim Kardashian…than you are anything else..

That said, her body is good, her face mangled…a little chin implant, or maybe it is dental work, is all she needs to be the kind of girl I would pay 50 dollars to plug my skinny tea product on her social media…

All this to say, who cares about washed up Ivanka…Tiffany is the future and she’s already got the obnoxious stripper name for it…I’m in love

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Tiffany Trump and her Rich Pussy of the Day

I think it is safe to say that Donald Trump has ruined his daughter TIffany’s life. Sure, his testicles are the reason she’s alive in the first place, but that semen is also tainted with bad genes that made her look less fuckable than her much older mother. I guess she’s only 16, so she shouldn’t look as fuckable as her mother because that would be illegal, but it is safe to say that in the next 2 years, she will remain less fuckable than her mother and we only have Donald Trump to blame for that. On the positive side of things, she’s in line to inherit a whole lot of money when her father suffocates on his hair piece, making her hot enough for a motherfucker who is lookin’ to use her family fortune for the good life like he was K-Fed, cuz I guess when a bitch is a Trump, there will always be a boner ready and willing no matter how vile, fat or diseased, especially if it is a terminal disease making the relationship a shorter commitment, a wallet fucker is just around the corner….so I guess that takes off some pressure from her when she notices she’s gone up a couple jean sizes…..and here are the boring pics….

Pics via Bauer

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Tiffany Trump is Fucking Ugly of the Day

There’s a reason why you haven’t heard much about Donald Trumps daughter Tiffany, and that is because he keeps her hidden and a secret because she’s fucking ugly. Trump likes to equate his name to excellence and luxury and prestige but instead fate has brought him something to brand that represents birth defects, bad genetics and a busted down fucking face.

It’s kinda funny that a cocksucker like Trump who has probably fucked over numerous people because he is a true believer that business is business and it’s nothing personal would get struck by Karma and his sperm would create this monster of a girl but I guess that’s just how the world works. The worst thing about this is that the worst thing about her probably isn’t even her face, because if she’s anything like other rich girls, she’s proababy a cunt and actually thinks she’s got it going on in typical rich kid delusion as she rides her prize winning horses, wears her designer clothes and travels to places of luxury while taking time off her very high society education to make a point of treating everyone around her like they are shit.

I almost felt bad ripping into this girl, because she’s a teenager and the last thing she needs to read about on the interenet is how weird her face is, and how ugly she is, you know, giving her a complex and landing her in some kind of therapy session or on some kind of meds or into a life a many random sexual encounters to make her feel like she has some value, but then I realize that ripping into people is what I do and business is business, nothing personal.

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