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Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson Nude in Some Movie of the DAy


Tilda Swinton must be a great actress, I mean she’d have to be looking the way she does…if she wasn’t a great actress no one would go near her…because she looks like some kind of cartoon character troll…out of some kind of horror movie…but at least she’s skinny.

She’s 55 and naked which is a terrifying concept in and of itself, but throw in a terrifying face and that orange hair – and this is what nightmares, or nightmare sex is based on…..

The movie called – A Bigger Splash…it must be a horror movie…because why the fuck else would this exist….and it’s not just to hate on Tilda Swinton, an actress that no one I have ever known has ever said was hot…ever….but I like naked..even when I hate it…

I could have happily gone through miserable life without ever seeing this…a bigger splash would have been her fully clothed, acting as she does in some gut wrenching performance, giving advice on how to masturbate to a hot young girl naked and masturbating…that’s how I’d like to jerk off to Tilda Swinton, you know the older lesbian school teacher violating the youth…but we take what we get and hopefully she got this naked thing at 55..out of her system…I wouldn’t be too into it at 75…but then again…maybe I would be..with this internet porn – my fetishes are shifting….

More interestingly, the movie also has Dakota Johnson full frontal…not that Dakota Johnson is much more exciting than Tilda Swinton, but at least she’s not freakish, hobbit character looking, old actress….not showing the fiery bush, which is the one naked thing about her that I’d rather be staring at….but here’s Don Johnson’s bratty daughter.anyway…

Here’s the trailer – because I’ve never heard of this movie…that has brought us such gold..orange colored gold…

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Irina Shayk Hot at an Event of the Day

Irina Shayk’s at some event in some dress looking hot….showing tit but more importanlty for her showing off her free shoes to encourage getting hired to represent that shoe company….so that there’s no more rationned bread lines for her….from Russia to supermodel stardom and all it took was fucking some athlete and sticking to him….like a whore….but more socially acceptable….and marketed as more of a from rags to riches…living the American dream kinda thing that fucking wallet to the top….who cares…she gets half naked for money and despite preferring girls who get half naked for free…I’m not the one paying so it’s good enough for me.

The Amazing Face of the day came in the form of Tilda Swinton’s disgusgting

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Tilda Swinton’s Nasty Tits in Some Movie of the Day

Here is Tilda Swinton’s sex scene from some movie I am sure you won’t see called “I am Love”….based on the clip it should have been named “I am disgusting”…..mainly because I am disgusted by Tilda Swinton. I don’t know what it is about her but she’s repulses me. Just her face makes me fucking want to throw up….

I saw her win the academy award a while back and couldn’t figure out how the fuck she even made it in a move as someone who wasn’t playing a creepy school bus driver child molester or someone they dress up in a mask to play the evil villain….So the fact that someone cast her to have a sex scene is beyond me….but figured since I hate you, what better post to leave you while I take a minute to myself to reflect on the world in which we live…over some whiskey….

I just hope I don’t die at whatever I’m going to do away from this computer out there in the scary world. cuz I’d hate this to be the last DrunkenStepfather post of all time…especially since I just launched the stepTOYSTORE ….I had big plans so I’ll try not to jump in front of that train.

As a bonus here’s some bitch named Julia Primus’ tit in some movie you’ll never see called Same Same but Different cuz I downloaded it and am not gonna bother making a post about it….

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