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Katie Price and her Tired Face, Stupid Tits and Puke Dress of the Day

Katie Price is getting old and her plastic surgery doesn’t seem like it is keeping up with the aging process no matter how hard she tries.

Sure, she still has her stupid tits that distract you from all else wrong with her, but her face looks pretty hacked up and tired, but I guess that’s what happens when your career is based on getting fucked up at parties and getting fucked in sex tapes before doing stupid photoshoot and marrying a gay dude who was under the impression you were a man because of the bulge you have in your pants….

So I guess her dress that looks like the puke covered snow outside my local bar, you know a wide variety of colors of puke you don’t really want to put in your mouth or eat, kinda the same feelings you’d have when faced with her pussy….

But we watched her come up, we might as well watch her fall and that concludes our review of short lived pathetic careers.

Pics via INF

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Lindsay Lohan Lookin’ Tired of the Day

Lindsay Lohan has really lost her celebrity Flare. Here she is at Fashion Week hanging out with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson,holding on as hard as she can, and she definitely doesn’t look fresh faced and 23.

I know that when it comes to Lohan, it’s all been said before and I’m really not posting this to laugh at her or make jokes about her, I am not even doing it to point out the obvious, I just don’t really understand why she looks so fucking old, I’m talking like a haggard, drug addict who has fucked a solid 20 people more than what’s considerd normal in a given day in efforts to pay for more drugs that I know, when she’s got all the money she needs to live for the rest of her life.

I guess it all stems from the hard life she lived in the public eye, where she had no childhood, where she got paid millions for a month of work, where her mother fed her cocaine while trying to hold onto her youth after exploiting her daughter’s youth and we just don’t understand this poor little rich girl complex, cuz we all wish we were poor little rich girls. So like Michael Jackson she medicates, and like an asshole, I wait for her to hit rock bottom, where I come in as her new “manager” where I exploit her as much as I can to make a little more money than I do stealing 5 dollar bills out of my wife’s purse. But that won’t happen, she’ll be dead long before that, but we’re all allowed to dream…

Pics Via Cobrasnake

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