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Pam Anderson’s Tit Falls Out on the Runway of the Day

Pamela Anderson was using her celebrity for Vivienne Westwood’s fashion show as one of the models. Sure, Pam Anderson’s got no real business being a model since she’s old, thick and washed the fuck up, but Vivienne Westwood launched her career making clothes for the Sex Pistols, who like Pam Anderson, were their fair share battered, so maybe this is just some kind of tribute.

I am happy she brought out her big fake tits, and her nipple that looks like it’s hanging on for its fucking life after being removed and reapplied on so many fucking times throughout its life, that it doesn’t look like it used to, maybe because of the scaring or lack of blood supply or possibly because its not actually her nipple anymore but some kind of suction-cup prostethic she’s taped the fuck on and none of that matters, because I’d rather see Pam Anderson’s shitty tits on the runway, than some skinny, awkward, tall, freakish 14 year old immigrant monster and here are the pics.

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