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Tom Greene Made a Donald Trump Rap…I hate funny or die, but I’ll post it anyway….

The masses are clearly misguided, and it’s not their fault, just understand his patriotic claims and banter even if they are empty statements and just words…sensationalized words that the media pushes on people because they are competing for ratings…

Trying to get people to think logically or critically, when they can barely tie their shoes, and the ignorant life is more a want for a wholesome America, not the commercial noise and fear mongering….

Freedom when we aren’t as free as other countries but we will say it over and over again until we believe it…there are just a lot of people who don’t understand. If you breed a nation of idiots through overpriced higher education, shitty media, constant barrage of corporate interest and commercialization of content – all content – you’re going to have a nation of idiots.

If you feed those idiots garbage rhetoric they are going to perpetuate and contort that garbage into bigger and stinkier garbage. The idea is keep people dumb to control them in the land of the free but the objective should be to create the smartest and thus most powerful nation.

Instead the goal is to sell sugary drinks and reality tv to people. Everyone knows true freedom comes with knowledge.

I am not a liberal or a conservative, I just find things going on absolutely insane as a logical thinking human…everything doesn’t need to be junk food, or reality TV, or media manipulation for followers or rating or fame, and negativity shouldn’t be what everyone talks about, the trolls, like me should be ignored, because there’s no substance and garbage…people are misguided….and shock culture is going to kill your culture…because people want hits and anger / racism and frustration keeps us divided.

Why can’t we be good humans, I hate people, but I keep to myself and I’m still a good person. There’s no need for any of this bullshit.

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