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Katy Perry Does the Gaga of the Day

You know what fucks up your self esteem, when you launch a shitty pop career and are all the rage for a week or two, then an even uglier bitch moves in on your fuckin’ glory and your ugly ass falls into second place. I can’t imagine the emotional trauma falling second to Lady Gaga would do to a motherfucker’s soul, but I’m thinkin’ it along the lines of being molested as a child by someone you trust, the only thing left for you is to turn lesbian and eat away the pain.

I guess if you can’t beat them, get your hair cut like them, put on stupid glasses like them, and pretty much imitate them, hoping to hold onto that mark you made….while the rest of the world hopes you cunt end up being on the same plane that happens to fuckin’ crash into the Ocean like they were flying out of Brazil or some shit…..I hate them.

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