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Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s Daughter is Model Obviously of the Day

So Maya Hawke, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman’s daughter is some LA Rich kid hipster looking girl with a Trust Fund who is getting into the “model” world, because it’s good for social reach, something that people seem to think is really fucking important, especially when they have their famous parents – both of whom are really fucking accomplished…even iconic…to try to leverage, or as these brats normally do, try to totally detach themselves from…

SO together, with a brand, so it seems less shameless, she’s running around getting wet in clothes, like some kind of hippie, who lives in 20 million dollar houses…because hippies were always entitled cunts looking for meaning and to make a difference…while poor people were out there working so they could stay alive…

She’s freshly turned 18…so I guess the family has decided she can act, she can pose in campaigns, she can do whatever she wants, unlike Cindy Crawford, who seems to think 10 years old is a good time to sexualize her kid….

I like her.

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Uma THurman’s Man Hands in a Swimsuit of the Day


It looks like Uma Thurman, the tits Quentin Taratino was fucking obsessed with in the 90s, are still tits…only now they are set on a skinny body…that really make her massive man hands pop…something I guess she’s into…and I am not too sure if this is for a movie, or family vacation…in St Barths…I just know that she’s rocking a vintage bathing suit, that reminds me of some old silent film from Paris in the early 1900s, that you’d see on a dude diving into a barrel..but in this case on tits with dude hands…which I guess is the same thing…in what is a tribute to the rich culture of France…or just her tapping into a really weird fetish….or swim fashion that should not make a comeback…but she’s still got those tits…and it’s still bathing suit pics..that are essentially the foundation of my existence…sex tapes and bikinis…motherfuckers…

TO SEE THE PICS < a href="http://forum.drunkenstepfather.com/showthread.php?t=76980" target="_blank"> CLICK HERE

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Uma Thurman in a Bikini of the Day

EXCLUSIVE: INF - Uma Thurman Takes A Plunge As She Is Seen Jumping Off A Dock Into The Bay Wearing A Black Bikini In Miami Beach

Here’s a very unflattering picture of Uma Thurman’s stomach coming out of the water…hard nippled in a bikini…but at least it distracts from her scary man hands that if you google, you will see….and imagine giving you a handjob because it’s not gay if the man hands are connected to a vagina…

That said, I’ve never found Uma Thurman hot..but who cares what I think, it’s not like I made decisions that impact people’s careers or anything…


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Uma Thurman and Her Man Hands on the Beach of the DAy

uma (28)

Uma Thurman is still not a man, despite what her hands have been trying to tell us all these years…and she still confidently put on a bikini, even if there should have been a little resistance on her part, you know a little insecurity, self doubt…negotiations as to whether there were other options for her…but I’ll still stare but more because I’m trying to understand why I have the same bikini body as her…am I the one with the pear shaped problem with high estrogen levels thanks to not taking care of myself…or is she the pear shaped body with high testosterone…or worse..am I Uma Thurman? Or do I just look like her in a bikini…too many questions I don’t have answers for, this is too deep for me this hungover in the day… but I do have the pics of UMA and I Date you to look at them……

But what it comes down to is that she’s rich as fuck, established as fuck, she’s tricked you all into jerking off to her, and she’s Uma THurman…not to mention her hard nipples and big tits are still fun enough to look at cuz they are famous…


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