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Vanessa Williams has a Jewish Daughter with Fat Tits of the Day

Vanessa Williams had Jewish babies in the ’80s, or what I assume are Jewish babies because they were with her manager, and not only is being a manager is a Jew thing but the name Hervey screams Jew. If you’re wondering why a Jew wanted a hot half black Miss America chick who who was also in Playboy, it was because he had been raised surrounded by mutant jewish girls his parents encouraged him to marry for tradition his entire life, but who’s penis strayed from tradition and into this vagina because it was just too tempting, in all fairness to Hervey, when you spend your life banging Jewish girls to make your mom happy, a bowl of hamburger meat looks like a hot fuck, so Vanessa Williams was a solid step up from that and the real exciting thing for him is that she made him 5% of her earnings which is like spanish fly to a Jew.

They are divorced now, but they have Jewish daughters, but not the dog faced kind, tthe good kind who have some new genes from all their friends because daddy didn’t inbreed.

Here is my evidence for the day that Jewish girls are dog faced and droopy lookin’ despite all the hateful protest my Jewish readers are sending me. If Jewish girls were so hot, why would Hervey go black, and do you really think if he did stick with Jew pussy that his kids would look this good? Start sending me hot pics of pure Jewish girls to prove me wrong, becuase until you do, I am stickin’ to my stance.

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