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Gisele Bundchen Naked For Vogue of the Day


Gisele Bundchen is a possible dude from Brazil, turned lingerie model, as these things happen, when you’re from Brazil, and all the hottest girls in Brazil have a penis…it’s a way of life..and it makes solid financial sense for the modelling agencies…because no periods..

A story that makes sense based on her tight, not very feminine body or face…and sure she’s married and has kids, but that can be faked and her husband Tom Brady, could very possibly use her as Locker room sports initiation…

Now she’s in Vogue Paris..naked enough, shot by Mario Testino….boring…sure…old yes..a man maybe…naked enough…yes…this is probably some of her best work….

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Kate Moss is Still Amazing of the Day


It’s like it was just yesterday that she was a single mom, dating some heroin addict rockstar, releasing videos of her doing blow at all the cool parties, when not on a yacht topless, for the world to see her mid 30s long, well traveled nipples…

It’s like it was a week ago that she was the Calvin Klein heroin chic it girl at 18, being shat on by everyone for being to skinny, while being cummed on by Johnny Depp and pretty much everyone..

It’s like it was just today, that she is in this photoshoot for some October issue magazine, called Vogue Paris, still looking amazing.

I’m a Kate Moss fan, basic maybe, but at least I’m consistent…

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