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Gisele Bundchen for Vogue Japan of the Day

Gisele Bundchen in a black bikini

Tom Brady fans masturbated to a video of him baking carb-loaded biscuits for his family Christmas, because Christmas is about the cheat day, not that he ate any of them….his wife wouldn’t allow it…she needs him in top form earning money to pay for their stupid rich life….Tom Brady fans are weird, but then again, I think all sports fans are weird, sports in and of themselves are the most homosexual thing you can be into…man on man kicking a ball perversion…

But now they can jerk off to his lingerie model Brazilian wife in an issue of Vogue…in her underwear like a good little Catholic Brazilian…who I am pretty sure was born with a dick, but who was at least decent enough to semi retire yet still earn more money than any other model…thanks to being married to a football star in America, which is like being married to a god.

A homo tranny loving, tight pants, humping dudes after showering with dudes, while other dudes look on…GOD.

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Woah Calm Down Gisele of the Day

Gisele Bundchen lookin’ good for some campaign, she doesn’t look a day over 20, yet she’s pushing 40, thank you living the permanent vacation life, it allows a bitch to defy nature…with the help of her pile of money –

but more importantly…her husbands stupid money….making them one of the more irritating couple around….and I like to think she’s still a Brazilian Tranny found in some back alley jerking off to some Victoria’s Secret exec – where he realized the no period thing – with the right tuck – would make for the perfect lingerie model – NO pesky pussy juice stains….just man pussy juices…that Brady likes dripping down his weird lockerroom loving chest….that can pay for BOTOX! Or photoshop…or Whatever this is…it’s not what her face Looks lIke…

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Gisele Bundchen for Vogue Brazil of the Day


Gisele Bundchen is in Vogue Brazil, her home country, and she actually looks better than she used to look.

I remember when she first started popping up, a very long time ago, for Victoria’s Secret, I was convinced she was a Brazilian tranny who escaped dying of AIDS, for the lingerie modeling life, being a spokesmodel who no one knew had a dick, because it meant she never got her period…but more importantly..because men are just better at getting the job done…

I was convinced that even with Tom Brady, they babies were prosthetics, his jock homosexuality hidden….but I guess she’s since hit puberty, or made the transition….or found the right hormone mix…or MAYBE she’s actually a woman….who just happened to have a hard face…who knows…but in her old model age…for Vogue Brazil…she kinda looks hot….and here are the pics…

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Gisele Bundchen’s Tranny Back in a G-String of the Day


There have been rumors, that may not be actual rumors, but theories I’ve had about Gisele Bundchen, that I’ve started to believe as truth after doing hundreds of posts on her – over the last 12 years of this silly little site I call home…

Those rumors include that she is a tranny from brazil who for the most part of her career tucked her dick aggressively enough to not get caught – being an underwear model for the evil corporation all those years….because tranny’s don’t get their periods or pregnant and it’s a solid way to have men steal a woman’s job….without the women getting mad because if you get caught you pull the BRUCE JENNER card….

They continued with her being Tom Brady’s beard, since locker rooms are pretty fucking gay and athletes have an image to uphold, so finding the model with the most boyish hips – was a no-brainer…the world has believe her lie so long -they’ll continue to…

Then they faked the pregnancies and all that shit…and she got fired from the brand because her cover was going to be blown – and still makes millions in modeling, unlike most trans people who just do sex work…

Now, she’s still deemed a woman, one of the most well paid women…and all I see is the back of a man in a thong…but the rest of the world…sees what I guess they think is sexy…you gang of faggots.

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100 Year Old Gisele Pretends to be in a Nightclub for Gucci of the Day


This is a pretty absurd casting for a Gucci nightclub campaign, unless they are trying to target the 45 year old rich woman who just likes having a good time doing cocaine like the sugar baby days now that her kids are off to summer camp – as we all know rich summer camp sending parents love to do…you know rich, free and surrounded by other rich and free people, who figure there is finally some room to breathe after getting knocked up at 25 by a 45 year old daddy who gave them the good life…

Because this is definitely not designed to rich the young millionaire who wants to get dressed up in Gucci…who wants to party with a 45 year old model who is super fucking photoshopped, even if she is still hot, has a good body, and looks more like a woman than she ever has…maybe better hormone therapy…who knows…

I just know she probably charged the brand 5 million dollars for this – without the brand really looking into the fact that no one, except maybe Tom Brady and their 15 kids gives a fuck about this has been. She’s not even a Victoria’s Secret model…

Maybe they owed her a favor, or just have money to burn, either way – it’s so weird..

This reminds me of a old lady letting loose and getting drunk and inappropriate at a wedding or something – which I guess makes people want to buy designer clothes…

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Gisele Bundchen Talks About Herself for Chanel of the Day

Ex Victoria’s Secret model and Athlete Wife made something like 6 million dollars last year and notfrom being on payroll from her husband, you know sugar babying, and not from stock options in Victoria’s Secret, and not from the Brazilian tranny sex trade, but rather from working for Chanel pretending to surf in a video…that went extremely viral and not because her face is hard and looks like Celine Dion..but because when you spend 6 million dollars on something – it better fucking go viral…

I guess this is the follow-up, the last line item in her talent contract and obligations to get that final check…and it’s pretty fucking lame…

It’s her talking about herself, someone no one gives a fuck about, I mean do Chanel shoppers aspire to live the Gisele life, she’s not even Glamour, she’s a panty model…it’s just fucking weird…but if you’re like me, you appreciate listening to these models talk about themselves, because it reminds you why you hate them…

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Giesele’s Naked in her New Book of the Day


Gisele Bundchen has a 700 dollar book coming out from Taschen, that we can assume no one in the fucking world will buy, except maybe for Tom Brady, because she’s his wife and the bitch will make him, so if you’re friends with Tom Brady and Gisele, you know what you’re getting for Christmas this year instead of a Christmas…sorry for ruining the surprise..

I know nothing about the book, because I only went to TASCHEN to steal the pics, but I can say it’s not worth 700 dollars, even at the peak of her career…to try to command this kind of money when you’re a has been model, is clearly just a marketing stunt that they probably drummed up at some party during fashion week…because why the fuck not..fuck with the public, make Gisele feel relevant, get people talking, show off her new tits, what else is a sports wife who was once a model to do with her time…

I still wonder if she’s a man or not…

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Gisele Bundchen Naked For Vogue of the Day


Gisele Bundchen is a possible dude from Brazil, turned lingerie model, as these things happen, when you’re from Brazil, and all the hottest girls in Brazil have a penis…it’s a way of life..and it makes solid financial sense for the modelling agencies…because no periods..

A story that makes sense based on her tight, not very feminine body or face…and sure she’s married and has kids, but that can be faked and her husband Tom Brady, could very possibly use her as Locker room sports initiation…

Now she’s in Vogue Paris..naked enough, shot by Mario Testino….boring…sure…old yes..a man maybe…naked enough…yes…this is probably some of her best work….

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Gisele Bundchen Gossip of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 5.49.37 PM

This is pretty next level…

The story is Gisele celebrated her 35th birthday by getting new tits, or 11,000 dollars of surgeries, which isn’t the scandal, we know all these people have plastic surgery, their looks are their everything, their purpose….

It gets better…she did it while dressing like a Muslim woman in full religious burqa…because shitting on a religion to stay anonymous is genius, especially when it is for new tits….

But she did did it with her regular driver and open toed shoes….

Hilarious fail, probably to distract from Tom Brady on Facebook, or whatever else is going on….

I can assume this will lead to some retaliation, but to muslims, lingerie models are probably already all evil…as their rich oil money hire to shit on them….

Best disguise ever…especially in Paris, a place where the paparazzi are powerful enough to kill royalty..

Here’s some pics of her because why not celebrate this crazy stunt…

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Gisele Bundchen, Lindsay Vonn, Misty Copeland for Under Armor of the DAy


Here are some relatively unimpressive, even boring pictures of Gisele, a known athlete in the sport of underwear modeling….for Under Armor…but luckily unlike other brands, Under Armor was smart enough to recruit actual athletes for the campaign, because there is nothing I hate more than seeing models model shit that doesn’t make sense for them to model, like fitness gear, even if they’ve moved away from eating disorder to boxing or a daily pilates class, and even if they are strong or fit enough to compete, they are still fucking models, so keep them posing in panties…not functional gear….

I mean there’s very little erotic in this, but why not celebrate billion dollar bands who don’t give me money like an asshole, because American loves advertising campaigns, everything is a fucking ad for something, so why not participate and not get paid because I am a Canadian and we are non confrontational like that.

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