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The Russell Simmons Wallet Fucker in Her Bikini Again of the Day

I am pretty sure this bitch is calling the paparazzi to tip them off where and when she will be in her bikini with Russell Simmons, because that’s the whole point of lowering herself to fucking an washed up old man who she struggles to take seriously because his bald head makes him look like an adult baby and his lisp makes it a real struggle to not think he’s two and a fucking half years old every time he talks.

Pretty much making the whole experience a fucking joke, except for the fact that he’s almost a billionaire and could offer her the good life, but I know bitches and bitches are all the same and the good life is okay, but it is a whole lot better if it comes with fame of their own, cuz they all love being the center of attention and without the paparazzi, it’s just a life with nice things, when all she really wants is dudes she doesn’t know jerking off to her.

It’s this whole “I want to be the prettiest bullshit where girls want to be me and guys want to be in me” that you find in girls who try to work their way to the top by getting on top of celebrity, or high powered cock.

Basically, what I am trying to say is she is a whore with an agenda and that agenda is probably to become a household name and Simmons just happens to be the vehicle that will get her there and a solid back-up plan if she’s smart enough to marry him as it will finance the rest of her life after divorcing the motherfucker, just because you can never have too much free money and the only person she has to thank for this great life is her pussy.

Pics via Bauer

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