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Vintage Shatner Sex Scene

I like William Shatner as much as the next closet case who’s best friend is his remote control, HD TV, collection of action figures and fantasies of being “beamed” up by Scotty, as Dr McKoy and Spoke use their phasers on each other (handle first of course). Point of the story is that my adoptive brother used to make us watch Star Trek daily, for some reason he always made me watch in my underwear. I haven’t talked to that bastard in years, but last I heard he was arrested for molesting a kid somewhere down south. Molestation isn’t funny, even in a clown-suit, and it’s not cheerful, even in a Santa outfit, and it’s not sexy, even when you are molesting one of those Jon Benet Ramse child pageant girls, but watching Shatner caress a woman is, and for the record, I fuckin’ hate Star Trek and all it stands for, so all you gaming cunts who read my site in hopes of finding nipples to jerk off to, don’t think I am one of your kind. Cuddles.

Watch The Clips Here (circa 1974)

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